Sinoexpo improves efficiency by 30% and boosts employee satisfaction with Oracle

Sinoexpo automates data synchronization and delivers tailored marketing campaigns to boost lead generation using Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.


The numerous features of Oracle Eloqua provide us with all the tools for running effective marketing campaigns. The opportunities are endless, and the benefits are significant.

Nancy WangDirector, Digital Marketing Specialist Committee, Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co.

Business challenges

Shanghai Sinoexpo, which organizes business exhibitions and trade shows, was founded in 1998 by Informa—the world’s largest events and exhibitions organizer—and Shanghai Sinoexpo International Exhibition.

Because exhibition visitors attending from a broad spectrum of sectors had diverging communication preferences, Sinoexpo encountered difficulties in engaging with them efficiently.

Using multiple systems to communicate with visitors was ineffective and time-consuming. Recognizing the need for agility, Sinoexpo sought a marketing automation tool that would synchronize visitor information received through multiple channels, serving as a single source of truth.

Additionally, Sinoexpo wanted to increase the number of qualified leads via personalized and targeted marketing campaigns that could be executed with minimum effort.

Oracle Eloqua will now be our first resort for faster decision-making in any marketing effort.

Nancy WangDirector, Digital Marketing Specialist Committee, Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co.

Why Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co. chose Oracle

Sinoexpo selected Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation software, which offers numerous tools for capturing and analyzing visitor information from multiple channels. Additionally, Oracle Eloqua was the best fit for Sinoexpo’s campaign orchestration, because it allowed for fast deployment of landing pages, questionnaires, and online forms—critical for improving the digital experience of exhibition visitors.

Lastly, Oracle Eloqua, part of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience suite of applications, enabled easy integrations with the company’s other marketing tools.


Supporting the mission to deliver outstanding exhibitions and trade shows, Oracle Eloqua gave Sinoexpo the capability to deploy tailored online marketing campaigns that increased the number of qualified leads.

By deploying personalized marketing campaigns, Sinoexpo nearly doubled email delivery rates and increased email open rates by 20%. Another effect of the company’s tailored marketing campaigns was a 2.5X rise in the number of calls received by the help desk.

Using Oracle Eloqua, Sinoexpo automated the synchronization of visitor data collected through diverse channels, substantially reducing the risk of human error related to data manipulation. As a result, Sinoexpo immediately achieved a 30% increase in operational efficiency and boosted employee satisfaction.

To support content creation for large-scale exhibitions, Sinoexpo took advantage of Oracle Eloqua’s asset management tool to design and deploy landing pages, online forms, and intake questionnaires. The company replaced standardized content—which previously had discouraged customer interactions—with dynamic content targeted to each customer, greatly enhancing data collection.

By harvesting the growing volume of visitor information, which includes the preferred communication channels and content topics of interest, Oracle Eloqua’s segmentation features enabled Sinoexpo to segment its customers into target personas, helping the company to increase the relevancy of its event-related communications.


Sinoexpo worked closely with Sinobase, China’s largest integrated marketing agency, to deploy Oracle Eloqua in a timely manner. “Sinobase was an excellent partner. They provided detailed guidance and training on how to use Oracle Eloqua,” says Nancy Wang, director of the Digital Marketing Specialist Committee, Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co.

Published:17. juni 2022

About the customer

Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co. offers online marketplaces that include B2B and visitor information portals as well as mobile apps. Sinoexpo helps its clients create value via more than 70 exhibitions every year and serves clients from different industries such as food production and distribution, furniture manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.