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Oracle Customer Success—Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens

Omni-Channel Customer Experience Helps Tivoli Gardens Boost Sales 41%


The boost in sales of 41% was a great result for Tivoli Gardens. As Denmark’s number one tourist attraction, customer experience is at the center of what we aim to achieve and thanks to Magnetix and Oracle Marketing Cloud, we can now tell the Tivoli Gardens story effortlessly and provide a better experience for customers.

— Thomas Erichsen, Head of Marketing, Tivoli Gardens

Even for a beloved 170-year-old tourist attraction, it’s important to keep up with the times and ensure your online experience reflects the enchantment of your physical environment. Tivoli Gardens was tasked with overhauling a fragmented IT landscape to create a true omni-channel experience for each visitor. Tivoli wanted a solution that could boost customer engagement across all marketing channels and increase the e-commerce contribution to sales.
Founded in 1843, Tivoli Gardens is Denmark’s number one tourist attraction and amusement park. As one of the most popular seasonal theme parks in the world, the Gardens welcome approximately four million visitors per year, distributed over three seasons. These visitors come from far and wide to enjoy the rollercoasters, cultural events, concerts, and festivals as well as dine in the gourmet restaurants. 
By 2011, a fragmented and incoherent IT landscape meant that marketing platforms were disjointed and marketing employees were working in silos. 
While annual cardholders were—in theory—supplying plenty of highly specific behavior data by swiping their card at the entrance, it was next to impossible for the marketing team to turn this data into actionable initiatives. It was difficult to segment and contact customers with relevant and targeted offers to drive online engagement and footfall to the park. The absence of a multichannel programme was failing to drive incremental sales outside of specific, event-based ticket sales and the team did not have access to engagement rates to appropriately assess the performance of previous marketing initiatives. 
Tivoli Gardens therefore approached Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Gold Partner Magnetix for assistance in creating one enthralling, consistent, and seamless customer experience that would reflect the magic of the park. The overall objectives of the brief were to:
 - Create one consistent, seamless brand storyline through integrated marketing platforms
 - Drive customer engagement with visitors / prospective customers outside of the park environment
 - Boost sales on the e-commerce platform
 - Create more opportunities to upsell customers with relevant offers and deals across a wider array of touchpoints
“Customer experience is at the centre of what we aim to achieve at Tivoli Gardens. Guests expect the same experience outside the park as they receive inside it. But it was clear we needed to create a more consistent brand experience to nurture lasting customer relationships and boost engagement,” says Thomas Erichsen, head of marketing at Tivoli Gardens.
Working with Magnetix, Tivoli Gardens has implemented an omni-channel strategy that involves the development of one unified platform for all marketing activity. This was done by integrating a new CMS with Tivoli’s park management-systems, data warehouse solution, and the marketing automation capabilities of Oracle Marketing Cloud. Magnetix devised the strategy blueprint and carried out the implementation, supporting the technical integration work by also developing visually engaging creative to ensure a consistent brand experience across devices and channels, including the e-commerce site, website, self-service kiosks in the park, and social media, such as Tivoli’s YouTube channel. 
The four-year initiative began with a complete revamp of the Tivoli website—a visitor-centric site which incorporated condi-tional rendering based on interest, location, customer type, and previous customer browsing and purchase behaviours. The goal was to collect a single holistic view of each individual visitor, which could help the team understand where the visitor would go next in the the customer journey. 
Since the initial rollout of the omni-channel marketing program, Tivoli Gardens has worked with Magnetix to integrate other channels with their website. Onsite kiosks which provide customers with park information and allow them to exchange day tickets for season passes were a priority for Tivoli Gardens. By providing customers with the option of having the price of their day ticket deducted from an annual pass, these kiosks enabled the park to upsell to customers during peak periods in the year, when staff do not have the time to do so. 
In addition, the team built an integrated e-commerce platform on the website, as well as a mobile app and trigger-driven programmes across various channels. Included in this series of technology solutions is a location-aware mobile presence; whether the visitor is using the native iOS or Android apps or accessing the website through a mobile device, the solution detects whether customers are inside or outside the attraction, and provides suggestions and relevant offers based on location. Outside of the Gardens, potential visitors are provided with relevant offers and events to attract them to the park, and once inside, they are notified about events and attractions nearby. Inside the park, the event calendar focuses on events in the immediate future, while it takes on a longer time frame perspective when away from the park.
Following the implementation of this omni-channel marketing programme incorporating Oracle Marketing Cloud software, Tivoli Gardens saw impressive growth in engagement rates from visitors across numerous channels. 
Clearly, the focus on providing a seamless omni-channel experience to customers and giving visitors the ability to purchase from a range of channels has improved sales, including a dramatic 41% increase in sales on the e-commerce platform. After changing the self-service kiosks inside the park to make them an integrated part of the technical solution, as well as implementing a consistent visual expression across touch points, self-service revenue has increased 44%.
Tivoli Gardens also analysed the performance of its website, which is used as one of the platforms to segment customers in order to drive personalised marketing. Historically, the website had low engagement rates and visits, being used only by visitors to gain information about the park. However, this rose signifi¬cantly following implementation of the omni-channel strategy, resulting in 4.4 million visits to the website in a single year. 
“The boost in sales of 41% was a great result for Tivoli Gardens,” says Thomas. “As Denmark’s number one tourist attrac-tion, experience is at the centre of what we aim to achieve and thanks to Magnetix and the way we are using Oracle Marketing Cloud, we can now tell the Tivoli Gardens story effortlessly and provide a better experience for customers.” 

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Published:  Apr 29, 2016