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Accelerate Adoption and Productivity with Cloud Training

Learning solutions for all users across the Oracle Cloud lifecycle.

Guided Learning

Learning Subscriptions

Oracle LaunchPad


Why Guided Learning?

A skilled workforce enables success with Oracle Cloud applications. Provide your employees with in-application guidance to accelerate your Oracle Cloud adoption.

  • Maximize productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Stay current

Customer References

Fujitsu logo

Fujitsu Ensures HR Functional Transformation Success with Oracle Guided Learning



Oracle Guided Learning…has significantly accelerated adoption, standardized process, reduced cost, and maximized our technology investment.
Fay Hawkins, Business Change Lead, Fujitsu
SAGA logo

Saga Beograd Increases Business Agility and Technical Expertise While Reducing Vendor-Specific Training Costs by 50 Percent


Saga Beograd Solutions

With the Unlimited Learning Subscription from Oracle University, we have achieved incredible cost savings on our training budget. Even more important, however, is the flexibility this learning provides to our engineers!
Milos Radenkovic, Manager Industry Software & Middleware Solutions, Saga d.o.o. Beograd Solutions Ltd
Sport Ministerium logo

The Austrian Ministry of National Defense and Sport Ensures Autonomy of IT Systems Management Thanks to Flexible Learning Solution


Sport Ministerium

No other training solution provider can offer a comparable product with the flexibility to learn exactly what we want, when, where, and how we need.
Eng. Thomas Rumpf, Manager Database Systems, Austrian Ministry of National Defense
Yapi Kredi logo

Yapi Kredi Bank Provides Staff with More Targeted, Flexible, and 5x More Frequent Expert IT Training Courses Without Increasing Learning Budget


Yapi Kredi Bank

Oracle University’s Unlimited Learning Subscription gives us unlimited education when and where we need, and has transformed our training from cumbersome classroom courses into easy-access, job-relevant, flexible learning programs, so our IT team can continually improve the bank’s infrastructure.
Mehmet Bekir Birden, Service and Data Warehouse Databases Manager at Yapi Kredi Bank
Oracle learning solutions
State-of-the Art

Learning Solutions

  • Comprehensive training for all stages of the cloud lifecycle
  • Developed and delivered by Oracle experts
  • Options for all job roles
  • Digital, live virtual, and private event training
Watch the video: Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions
Stay Current

Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions

“With Oracle University’s Unlimited Learning Subscription, our trainers gained the flexibility to learn at their own pace and can access labs and Oracle trainers as in a standard classroom. This enabled us to maximize productivity and support our growing training business.“
—Rohit Agarwal, CEO, Koenig Solutions

  • High quality, digital training videos
  • Hands-on labs
  • Access to expert Oracle instructors
  • Certification exams included
Watch the video: Welcome to Oracle LaunchPad
Free Introductory SaaS Training

Oracle LaunchPad

“The Oracle LaunchPad is a great tool to start learning SaaS at my own pace.”
—Keith Boewn, Senior Consultant,UXC Red Rock Consulting, Adelaide, Australia

  • Quick and easy way to start learning
  • Choose from thousands of topics
Oracle cloud certification logo
Get Cloud Certified

Oracle Certification

“These certifications, owned by our consultants, drive credibility, quality and consistency when we deliver to our clients …”
—Lauren Baker, Oracle Operations IBM Global Business Services

  • Earn industry recognized credentials that companies value
  • Build trust and drive credibility
  • Differentiate yourself and your company
  • Available for SaaS, PaaS, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Take the exam online or at an authorized test center

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