Payment Interface Services for Oracle Hospitality

Our secure, robust, integrated payment-processing solutions for all our hospitality outlets, including OPERA PMS, Suite 8 PMS, Retail, and Cruise Shipboard PMS, ensure best-in-class service. Oracle Payment Interface services provide our clients with a seamless and secure payment experience for both end users and customers.

Oracle Hospitality Payment Interface

Global, secure, and supported payment interface technology

Flexibility and choice in payment services

Flexibility and choice in payment services

Our partners perform integrations to the Oracle Payment Interface specification. The OPI specification allows partners to support Opera PMS including Opera Cloud, Suite 8 PMS, Shipboard PMS, Simphony, RES, 9700, E7, and Xstore for Retail. For our customers it means they have the same payment partner across multiple products. For our partners, it enables them to support the largest hospitality customer base in the world.

Enhanced security and compliance

Enhanced security and compliance

Oracle Payment Interface introduces tokenization of card data. This is to limit the usage and storage of plain-text sensitive data to as few places in your environment as possible. The most popular data for tokenization remains primary account number (PAN) data or credit card numbers. This will significantly reduce the scope of PCI security concerns for any customer.

Enabling global payments

Enabling global payments

Currently supporting more than 80 countries through 45 Oracle Partners (and growing) to provide more flexibility in payments for our customers. We offer a single, globally supported interface. This is accomplished with a model where partners write to our global specification, instead of a model where we would develop to multiple payment partners’ APIs.”

Automating payment services

Automating payment services

Oracle’s Professional Services team standardizes testing and validation for all partners. Functions that set us apart include: Automated Deposit Rules, Automated Pre-Auth Rules, Dynamic Currency Conversion, Receipt Printing, Gift Card Integration, Contactless Payments, Bar Tabs, Pay at Table and many more.


Enable Oracle Payment Interface for all your customer needs


When it comes to payment integration, Oracle leads the way in the hospitality industry. We have streamlined the process by creating the industry's leading payment interface, which currently enables seamless integration between Oracle’s Property Management Systems (OPERA and Suite8) and more than 80 payment transaction processors across the globe.

The Oracle Payment Interface OPI) reduces the scope of PCI compliance by implementing the tokenization of credit card data. OPI provides the perfect solution as we move toward the future in payment solutions.

To meet new operational requirements and guest service needs, Oracle Hospitality is committed to partnering with payment service providers to meet the latest trends by integrating cutting-edge technology for contactless hotel operations, mobile and kiosk solutions.


The Oracle Payment Interface for Shipboard Property Management System (SPMS) creates the opportunity for easy adoption of new payment technologies such as tokenization, and reduces the scope of the payment card industry (PCI) as credit card information is no longer stored in the system.

Additionally we enhance the guest experience and equip the crews with mobile, user-friendly hardware and software. This is achieved by collaborating with payment partners to provide market-leading cashless and mobile-enabled key entry integrations.


In-store client solutions support loyalty initiatives and promotions to handle a continually changing market. Each screen engages employees with efficient workflows, intuitive touchscreen gestures, and automated functions that save time and increase accuracy.

The Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service solution provides a flexible framework that improves productivity by offering a superior technical architecture that has internationally proven capabilities with extensive global deployments and delivers a shopping experience customers expect with seamless integrated payments, customer intelligence, and inventory visibility.

Food and Beverage

Whether you are looking to grow, adapt or become more efficient, our Food and Beverage (F&B) solutions are fast to deploy and ready to work just as hard as you do, right out of the box. Our all-in-one restaurant management system provides the ability to run front-of-house, kitchen, and back-office operations from a single simple, cloud-based platform.

Take advantage of payment integration with our F&B solutions, which will save time for operations and allow restauranteurs to provide the best possible service for counter payments and support for pay at the table on mobile devices.

Supported payment types

Supported payment types

With the Oracle Payment Interface, your business can integrate with a variety of payment methods all around the world. We support:

  • Traditional credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Digital wallets
  • Payment applications
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