What matters?
Employee experience does.

Peer into the most innovative minds in HR as they reveal what matters most to them. From grappling with the Great Resignation to creating an inclusive culture, join us for unfiltered insights into the biggest challenges—and opportunities—for HR. Real talk with real solutions.

11 May, Wednesday, 2022 | Original broadcast

What Matters? Employee Experience Does - Full Show

Employee experience matters.
Employees want more. More flexibility. More purpose. More trust. Is your employee experience keeping up? Watch a conversation with Oracle customers who are leading the way in delivering an employee experience that makes their workforce feel valued and appreciated…and want to stay. Discover what worked, what didn’t, and why.

What Matters event highlights

HR leader spotlight - Dieter Veldsman, AIHR, "What Matters?" (7:12)

Hear from Dieter Veldsman (PhD) HR and OD Thought Leader, AIHR, at the Oracle Cloud HCM Virtual Summit – EMEA.

HR leader spotlight - Martijn Seijsener, Credit Suisse, "What Matters?" (13:40)

Hear the insights from Martijn Seijsener, Head of Employee Experience (EX) Credit Suisse at the Oracle Cloud HCM Virtual Summit – EMEA.

HR leader spotlight - Fraser Kirk, VP, GKN Automotive, "What Matters?" (6:21)

Watch Fraser Kirk, Vice President, HR Digital Transformation, Systems & Analytics at GKN Automotive at the Oracle Cloud HCM Virtual Summit – EMEA.

Past event highlights

Oracle ME: Understanding the needs, aspirations, and the “me” behind every worker (33:02)

Oracle unveiled the latest product innovation, Oracle ME, part of Oracle Cloud HCM. Oracle ME is the only complete employee experience platform that gives business leaders the power to orchestrate tailored experiences from a comprehensive understanding of each employee—personally and professionally—to meet individuals where they are and take them where they want to be.

2022 Could Be The Year of The Great Retention

HR teams have experienced unprecedented retention challenges, and it’s going to take some significant change and effort to overcome them. Get ready for The Great Retention by focusing on and improving in three key areas.

Take a peek inside Oracle ME

Oracle ME provides personalized guidance and creates meaningful connections by bringing together employee communications, workflows, listening, networking, and support on an open platform. It uses your workforce data to deliver a unique experience to every employee to help them thrive.