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Welcome to the Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit OTN space

What Is the Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit ?

The Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit is the name given to the Jumpstart Framework, which provides a set of helper scripts to simplify the use of Jumpstart for the installation of Solaris 10 and below on both SPARC and x86 servers.

What is the Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit NOT?

JET depends on Jumpstart, which is the underlying technology used for installing Solaris 10 and below. Solaris 11 has a new and improved installation methodology, and uses AI (Automated Installer), details of which can be found here.

What are JET's main features

In a nutshell, JET provides a wrapper around Sun's installation technology to greatly simplify the provisioning of Solaris 10 and below using Jumpstart.

After installing JET on you SPARC or x86 based Jumpstart server, you can:

  • Install any of multiple versions of Solaris onto either SPARC or x86/x64 based clients.
  • Deploy Flash archives.
  • Utilise multiple boot methods: bootp, dhcp (including grub for x86/x64), and wanboot.
  • Work across multiple subnets. (using a combination of methods)
  • Install Recommended patches, or patch based on the EIS-DVD.
  • Configure all your network interfaces.
  • Mirror your root disk. (or set up ZFS boot)
  • Configure Zones.
  • And much much more.

How does it work?

The main JET framework is supplied in a single SVR4 package called SUNWjet. This package contains everything necessary to do a standard Solaris installation using either bootp or dhcp.

Additional functionality is provided by additional modules, which are supplied in SVR4 package format as well. Common additional packages include:

  • JetSDS: Allows you to mirror your disks using SVM.
  • JetEXPLO: Installs and configures explorer.
  • JetFLASH: Allows Jet to install Flash Archives.
  • JetVTS: Install Sun's Validation Test suite.
  • JetSAN: Installs (on Sol 8 and 9) the SAN packages, and configures.
  • JetJASS: Installs and configures Solaris Security Toolkit.
  • JetZONES: Install and configures containers on Solaris 10 systems.
  • JetLDOM: Install and configure Logical Domains on CMT based servers.
  • JetWanBoot: Allows JET to act as a Wanboot server.
  • JetISO: Use ISO images directly.
  • JetRBAC: Allow non-root users to run JET.
  • JetSBD: Configures Secure By Default
  • JetZFS: Create ZFS pools, datasets and volumes.
  • JetSC3: Install and configure Oracle Solaris Cluster.


JET User Guide (The complete user guide)