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Customer Service for High-Value Accounts

Oracle’s B2B service solution is the underpinning for connected business service experiences, empowering companies to offer exceptional customer experiences. Streamline interactions and jump-start collaboration between multiple teams with a 360-degree view of customers throughout their journey. Flexible technology supports the unique needs of your service organization while delivering exceptional value to your customers. Support your customers through accurate and personalized responsiveness.

Connect Teams

Connect Teams

Connect service interactions seamlessly across the entire customer journey, allowing your teams to better service high-value accounts.

Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Build and maintain key relationships while allowing customers to connect with service agents on the channel of their choice.

Exceed Expectations

Exceed Expectations

Surpass customer expectations. Manage critical dates and contractual obligations with milestones, entitlements, and SLA tracking.

Maximize Visibility

Maximize Visibility

Create role-appropriate visibility within the user interface and reporting for all areas of the business—ensuring that the right account relationships are developed and nurtured.

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Service Issue Management

Capture and track service requests throughout the customer’s lifecycle for better, more meaningful and accurate communications.

  • Service request tracking—Easily track new and historic service requests for customers and partners with easy to access account and interaction history
  • In-context sales and service collaboration—Share account details, post internal notes, and track activities associated the customer’s service journey
  • Easy organization—Easily set up separate entitlements and milestones maintaining contractual obligations based on the customers’ needs
  • Follow-up—Compose rich text responses and add personalized context that is consistent with company branding

Digital Customer Service

Offer self-service opportunities and connect customers directly to the right service agents using digital customer service.

  • Create a digital experience with the look and feel of your existing websites across desktop and mobile using a true WYSIWYG design editor
  • Build relationships by connecting with customers on their channel of choice including telephony integration, email, cobrowse, live chat, and social
  • Digitize service anywhere with Oracle Service chat inlays and the Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring

Knowledge Management

Deliver rich knowledge interactions providing the most relevant answers from all sources across a global organization.

  • Leverage intelligent, natural language search and suggest the best answers automatically based on the customer questions
  • Offer agents detailed knowledge within the context of the service request and embed that knowledge into each of your responses
  • Control your knowledge articles by public status, brand, product, or customized groups using document control and versioning
  • Author knowledge articles in multiple languages

Engaging Customer Service

Empower agents with the right tools to provide highly engaging customer service.

  • Provide high-touch responses by allowing agents to review account specific details and access contextual knowledge within the agent experience
  • Skillfully manage service requests from multiple channels using a browser-based interface with easy-to-access service features
  • Collaborate with larger account teams by accessing a single, controlled account record
  • Stay informed on high-value customer activities including renewal cycles and critical issues

Business Intelligence

Leverage Oracle’s powerful business intelligence (BI) solutions that are embedded within Oracle CX for sales. Access more than 500 metrics and hundreds of prepackaged reports to surface actionable business insights and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your service team.

Personalized Advice

Provide the automated, personalized advice that cannot be found in knowledge articles to your customers and agents with Oracle Intelligent Advisor. With business users creating the rules, you can quickly adapt to changing customer expectations. Each path of the customer journey is tracked with detailed analytics for full transparency.

Service Logistics

Provide a phenomenal experience to your customers and teams. Oracle’s complete, out-of-the-box, end-to-end solution connects your supply chain, customer service, and field service operations.

See more information on Oracle Service Logistics Cloud.

Field Service

Empower field agents to deliver amazing face-to-face connected service experiences.

  • Use machine learning and AI to get the right person to the right place at the right time Optimize scheduling with the fastest, most efficient automation engine available
  • Proactively inform customers, teams, and coworkers about the status of appointments with predictive job alerts across channels
  • Automatically update travel time with real-time traffic and travel conditions
  • Leverage travel data from your map provider to optimize your mobile workforce
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  • Automatisation de la force de vente
  • Leads et opportunités
  • Activités, notes et pièces jointes
  • Coach de vente et évaluations
  • Application mobile
  • Intégration du courrier électronique
  • Gestion des prévisions de ventes
  • Analyse et tableau de bord
  • Gestion de la performance commerciale
  • Gestion des territoires
  • Assistant commercial digital2
  • Applications intelligentes adaptatives pour les ventes2
  • Outils marketing pour les ventes
  • Intégration de la gestion des campagnes3
  • Centre de contact
  • Gestion des demandes de service
  • Plateforme
  • Customer Data Management
  • Enrichissement de l’adresse2
  • Contact et enrichissement de l’entreprise2
  • Environnement de test



  • Édition standard plus les fonctionnalités présentées ci-dessous
  • Automatisation de la force de vente
  • Gestion des actifs
  • Gestion de la performance commerciale
  • Rémunération incitative
  • Gestion des quotas
  • Planification des ventes2
  • Outils marketing pour les ventes
  • Outils de vente Eloqua2
  • CPQ et abonnement
  • Gestion des quotas2
  • Gestion des abonnements2
  • Centre de contact
  • Routage omnicanal
  • Admissibilité aux services et jalons du contrat sur les niveaux de service
  • Logistique de service4
  • Co-navigation2
  • Chatter2, 6
  • IoT Service Monitoring for Connected Assets2
  • Service client digital2
  • Gestion des connaissances
  • Ajouter le choix du secteur d’activité CX5
  • Services financiers2
  • Communications2
  • Biens de consommation2
  • Haute technologie et production2



  • Édition Entreprise plus les fonctionnalités présentées ci-dessous
  • Automatisation de la force de vente
  • Contrats de vente
  • Plans d’action
  • Centre de contact
  • Co-navigation
  • Chatter6
  • Comprend le choix du secteur d’activité CX5
  • Services financiers
  • Communications
  • Biens de consommation
  • Haute technologie et fabrication
  1. Nécessite un minimum de 10 utilisateurs.
  2. Offert en option moyennant des frais supplémentaires.
  3. Nécessite un abonnement à Oracle Marketing Cloud Eloqua.
  4. Disponible si une licence est également octroyée pour Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud et Oracle Field Service Cloud.
  5. Comprend un modèle de données spécifique au secteur, une interface utilisateur et des flux de processus.
  6. Nécessite l’achat du service Oracle Digital Customer.