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A More Agile Workforce Solution

Organizations enhance their productivity and ability to adapt on the fly with a workforce management solution that effortlessly tracks, records, and calculates time for employees of all types, from salaried to contingent.

Workforce Management
Accurately Capture Time

Accurately Capture Time

Accurately capture time for all employees: full-time, contingent, non-exempt, and project-based.

Manage Time on an Exception Basis

Manage Time on an Exception Basis

Utilize a robust rules engine to automate overtime, premium, differential, and payroll calculations.

Control Labor Costs

Control Labor Costs

Reduce payroll errors and eliminate manual processes.

Minimize Compliance Risk

Minimize Compliance Risk

Deploy company policies globally while supporting the needs of local jurisdictions.

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Product Features

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Time and Labor

    Time Collection

  • Accurately capture time worked by your employees via time clock integrations, online web clocks, timecards, calendar time entries, or mobile devices.
  • Schedules and Availability

  • Manage shifts, holiday schedules, and other company events that impact the availability of your workers, while ensuring you stay within budget.
  • Rules Configuration

  • Ensure employees are paid accurately and on time using simple, configurable rules.
  • Integration

  • Integrate time with time devices and other Human Capital Management (HCM) and ERP solutions such as absence management, payroll, project costing, and financials to streamline time tracking across the organization.
  • Labor Costs

  • Proactively monitor hours worked against various data and key metrics to ensure labor costs are minimized and workers are in compliance.

Absence Management

    Schedules and Availability

  • Manage shifts, holiday schedules, and other company events that impact the availability of your workers, while ensuring you stay within budget.
  • Absence Plans and Entitlements

  • Define absence plans and entitlements to meet your policies globally and locally in order to comply with company as well as external regulations.
  • Eligibility

  • Easily configure workers' eligibility for plans and entitlements using integrated human resources (HR) criteria.
  • Absences

  • Capture planned and unplanned absences by enabling country-specific absence types so your workers only need to enter relevant information that is required.
  • Absence Trends

  • Proactively monitor absence trends and other key metrics to minimize the impact of unplanned absences.

Project Management

    Project Resource Management

  • Identify and place the best-suited people on projects with modern resource management and utilization tools.
  • Project Execution

  • Drive more efficient project execution with intuitive planning, collaboration, scheduling, and analysis capabilities.
  • Social Task Management

  • Empower and save time for team members with social-driven tools to manage their tasks, project assignments, and team interactions.
  • Control Costs

  • Capture and manage project financials with complete, integrated financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis capabilities.
  • Visit the Project Management page for more project management information.

Expense Management

    Travel Policies

  • Gain insight into business travel expenses and refine expense policies, control spend, and prevent expense reimbursement fraud.
  • Policy Compliance

  • Ensure that travel expenses are properly monitored and controlled.
  • Expenses

  • Increase accuracy and reduce time spent entering expenses with a mobile, integrated, and end-to-end travel expense process.
  • Visit the Financials page for more expense information.

Workforce Management Successes

Customer Stories

American Eagle logo

American Eagle Outfitters Manages Workforce with Oracle HCM Cloud


American Eagle

Brian Jones, VP of HR, American Eagle Outfitters (AEO), explains how AEO was looking for technology that evolved with their business. Oracle’s HCM Cloud helped get control of global processes, information, responsibilities, and accountabilities.

Ansell logo

Ansell Establishes Standardized HR Processes Across More Than 35 Countries, Gains Insight into Global Workforce with Cloud Solution

Oracle HCM Cloud helped us to create a centralized, standardized HR environment to effectively manage and develop our employees across more than 35 countries. It will help us improve communication and collaboration now and into the future.
Vikrant Rajput, Director, Global Human Resources Information Systems and Workforce Analytics, Ansell Limited

What's New in HCM


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Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud (includes Absence Management)


  • Global HR management
  • Absence/leave management
  • Benefits
  • Onboarding
  • Work life solutions
  • Mobile access from any device
  • Interactive organization chart for quick assignment
  • Worker spotlight
  • Flexible organizational management
  • Workforce modeling
  • Global payroll interface
  • Powerful reports and analytics
  • Workforce intelligence and predictive analysis
  • Embedded social capabilities
  • Represented worker rules

Oracle Time and Labor Cloud2


  • Global time and labor management with a flexible, rules-based system
  • Time entry rules configuration and validation to address specific business needs
  • Quick and easy time entry and submission to reduce the cost of errors
  • Easily configurable timecards
  • Compliance enforcement across jurisdictions
  • Project cost control improvement
  • Impact view of public holidays and planned absences on workers' availability
  1. Requires a minimum of 1,000 employees.
  2. Requires a subscription to Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud.
  3. Requires a minimum of 1,000 users.