Accenture Philippines drives continuous innovation with Oracle Cloud

Professional services firm quickly introduces digital innovation to clients with rapid application development from Oracle Application Express and Autonomous Database.


What I appreciate about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is that it's a full-stack cloud from which we can cherry pick. Like Lego blocks, they are built to integrate and work together.

Clark KhoSenior Technology Architect and Director, Oracle Business Group, Accenture Philippines

Business challenges

The goal of Accenture’s Advanced Technology Center in the Philippines, consisting of tech and industry experts, is to help clients in various industries  drive continuous digital innovation. For example, all clients are on a mission to become data-driven—not just crunch the data they have, but also gain insights, share them across the organization, and use them to solve strategic problems, notes Clark Kho, senior technology architect and director of Accenture Philippines’ Oracle Business Group.

However, it was taking the firm’s consultants weeks to procure and set up the necessary IT infrastructure to build applications for each client, thus taking their focus away from the business at hand. Accenture Philippines needed a cloud-based infrastructure that would enable it to bring innovations to life for clients quickly, while minimizing routine operational tasks such as system installation, backup, patching, and monitoring.

We are committed to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. When we combine human creativity and the latest platform technologies such as Oracle Cloud, we are able to innovate at scale and with agility for our clients.

Clark KhoSenior Technology Architect and Director, Oracle Business Group, Accenture Philippines

Why Accenture Philippines Chose Oracle

Accenture Philippines chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as the foundational platform for presenting and deploying a range of innovative applications and technologies to clients “at the speed of thought,” Kho says. 

The self-provisioning, -tuning, -patching, and -updating features of Oracle Autonomous Database, running on OCI, frees teams from system setup and maintenance tasks, enabling them to focus more on delivering business value. Using Oracle Application Express (APEX), a low-code development platform that comes prebuilt with the autonomous database, Accenture Philippines consultants “can literally build out an application in 10 minutes,” Kho says. “We can easily demonstrate the application and give clients an idea of what it will be like, giving them the confidence to build out further.”

Meantime, with a strong team of Oracle-trained professionals working with clients, it was natural for Accenture Philippines to embrace OCI to keep them up to date on the latest Oracle Cloud technologies.


With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle APEX, Accenture Philippines consultants can confidently present the value of “Cloud First” to clients by quickly building executive reporting, training, and a variety of other applications which show that value, instead of having to convey the benefits through presentations.

The company has also encouraged its internal stakeholders to develop apps on Oracle APEX to boost the culture of continuous innovation, and as a result it has been able to rapidly build and deploy HR and training applications.

Because even junior developers can use Oracle APEX, lots of internal people have adopted it, improving the firm’s efficiency and reducing the cost of experimentation. “Any time anyone identifies a process that can be automated, they now have a platform to immediately build an app,” Kho says. “After getting it operational, they have more time to analyse the data and improve on it.”

Whether to build applications internally or for clients, Accenture Philippines is now able to spin up the underlying database in just two to five minutes and add additional resources like CPU and memory in about 30 seconds. With the flexibility of Oracle’s Universal Credits, which cover usage of any OCI service at any time, the firm has been able to cost-effectively experiment with Oracle Digital Assistant, Visual Builder, Kubernetes, and Data Science.

Publié:February 2, 2021