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Oracle Cloud supports TrueBlue in connecting people with work

This leader in specialized workforce solutions uses Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud to streamline its back-end operations as it helps both employers and workers find the best matches.

INDUSTRY: Professional Services
LOCATION: United States

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About the customer

Connecting people with work

Based in Tacoma, Washington, TrueBlue provides staffing, workforce management, recruitment process outsourcing, and managed service-provider solutions. Whether providing temporary workers for a local business or filling permanent professional staff for a multinational brand, TrueBlue’s information needs are complex.

TrueBlue connects more than 700,000 people with jobs each year.

Hire the right people, and if they’re happy, you’ve got a better chance of keeping your customers happy. If you keep your customers happy, you've got more opportunity to drive revenue per employee.
Derrek Gafford, CFO, TrueBlue

Customer Story

Replacing 20-plus legacy systems

TrueBlue connects employers with more than 700,000 qualified workers a year using a variety of technologies. That requires a lot of scale.

For example, TrueBlue’s JobStack™ system fills a job every nine seconds. Companies can place talent orders for on-demand or temporary staff from a smartphone or desktop 24/7, sending a message to registered workers who fit the skill and location requirements. Interested workers confirm their availability and then the customer can see instantly how well its job openings are being fulfilled—and so can TrueBlue’s customer service representatives. If all is on track, great. If not, TrueBlue and its customer can take the appropriate corrective action right away.

TrueBlue has grown through acquisitions and organic expansion, leaving it at one point with more than 20 legacy financial and HR systems that sometimes overlapped or conflicted with one another. TrueBlue’s staff needed to do a significant number of manual workarounds simply to do payroll.

In comes the forklift: TrueBlue replaced all of those legacy HR and finance systems with Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud. “We didn’t integrate our old applications with Oracle applications,” says TrueBlue CFO Derrek Gafford. “We are replacing all of those applications entirely.”

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud ERP

Oracle Cloud HCM

With Oracle Cloud applications, TrueBlue’s IT staff has more bandwidth to develop new systems now that it isn’t making 20-plus different applications work together.

I don't have to worry about our data centers. I mean, we're with Oracle, we are in the cloud now. As the CFO, that feels really good.

Derrek Gafford, CFO, TrueBlue