Arconic innovates the hire-to-retire process with analytics

Leading manufacturer Arconic deploys Oracle HCM Analytics to business users to innovate the hire-to-retire process with self-service access to critical people data.  


Nous pouvons aider nos utilisateurs professionnels avec des rapports RH désormais accessibles en temps quasi réel, alors qu'il leur fallait attendre des semaines voire des mois auparavant.

Trevor BromanDirecteur des technologies et de l'analyse RH chez Arconic

Défis des entreprises

Arconic, a global aluminum provider that was previously part of Alcoa, has gone through several transitions with the goal of achieving regular and reliable people analytics. 

Prior to adopting Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics, the HR shared services team fielded requests and wrote reports on a wide variety of information requests, ranging from recent terminations to eligibility of retirees. This team spent a lot of time manually creating presentations and sharing them with people managers across the company. 

La diversité et l'inclusion constituent un domaine clé pour Arconic. Avec Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics, nous sommes maintenant en mesure de comprendre l'impact d'une réduction de la diversité et nous pouvons découvrir comment nous préparer.

Trevor BromanDirecteur des technologies et de l'analyse RH chez Arconic

Why Arconic chose Oracle

Arconic wanted a cost-effective solution that would easily integrate with its existing Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management solution. Since Oracle HCM Analytics is unified with Oracle Cloud HCM applications, it was the company’s obvious choice.


Oracle HCM Analytics has helped shift the mindset of managers and decision-makers. They can now access analytics on their own to get near real-time information and KPIs without relying on HR technology to produce month-end metrics.

Following the adoption of Oracle HCM Analytics, Arconic is creating a self-service model to make it faster and easier to get HR information to decision-makers. While some employees were reluctant to adapt to this new approach, they now see the benefits of on-demand access to HR metrics in a simple, easy-to-use, interactive dashboard.

Business users can now examine all aspects of people data. They have easy access to headcount reports and can quickly see people metrics including hires, terminations, and employee demographics. They can also get a clearer picture of their employee population and analyze whether seasonal changes impact demand across the various labor classes. With the plan to implement Oracle Cloud Recruiting, they are looking forward to gaining new insights around implementing talent acquisition.


Arconic partnered with Oracle Consulting Services on its implementation of Oracle Cloud HCM.

Publié:8 avril 2022