E42 cuts costs 40% with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

E42 ‘s no-code AI platform harnesses the potential of OCI and automates enterprise functions and processes.


Défis des entreprises

E42 is a Pune, India-based natural language processing (NLP)-based AI platform provider. The company’s Platform-as-a-Service offering, E42, empowers enterprises with cognitive capabilities to optimize people- and process-centric functions.

AI Workers, the cognitive process automation platform built on E42, combines AI NLP with a powerful user interface, enabling subject matter experts to create AI workers and turn inefficient business processes into intelligent, automated workflows.

E42 wanted to free up staff to focus on technology innovation, rather than the management and maintenance of systems and infrastructure, to position the company for market leadership.

E42 wanted to offer customers 30 days of free, complete access to its platform, including all features and channels, while keeping costs in check. The firm also needed to improve scalability, efficiency, and service to position itself for global expansion in the NLP sector across verticals.

Why E42 chose Oracle

E42 decided to fast-track its cloud adoption journey to meet immediate digital business demands. The company evaluated various cloud service providers, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud, based on the breadth of services, specific industry expertise, tools, and accelerators.

To focus on innovation and collaboration, adopt a more modern technology stack in the cloud, and unlock applications from legacy data centers, E42 decided to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

The company also decided to use OCI Object Storage and custom virtual-machine creation to ensure the ease of migration of local and other virtual machines. Other OCI tools and capabilities include a user-friendly interface, custom image creation, block service, backup service, monitoring matrix for production instances, and OCI Cloud Shell.


Migrating the E42 multitenant platform to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has positively impacted E42’s revenue and delivered a significant cost benefit of between 25% and 40%. The model allows the E42 platform to provide high performance at a low cost while outperforming equivalent configurations on other clouds.

Numerous automations built on OCI result in significant gains in the throughput and performance of business applications, while reducing manual effort and freeing up staff for innovation and collaboration. Migrating to OCI has also made it easier for the company to absorb the 30-day trial period cost for its customers.

The company is also migrating other cloud workloads onto OCI, prioritizing BFSI and telecom customers amongst the client base.

In addition, the company has been able to expand its business in new geographies, including the Middle East, United States, and India. The company is also looking to leverage OCI geolocations to expand its reach into APAC.

Publié:1 avril 2022