Ecobank leads Pan African Digital Banking Transformation

Oracle FLEXCUBE and Oracle Banking Digital Experience are powering Ecobank’s digital-first strategy and creating a foundation for open banking.


Les gens ne se contentent plus de comparer leur expérience de commerce électronique Ecobank à celle d'autres banques. Ils nous comparent à leur expérience avec un large éventail d'organisations de consommateurs. Oracle FLEXCUBE joue un rôle essentiel pour nous aider à répondre aux attentes croissantes de nos clients.

Ade AdeyemiPDG, Ecobank Transnational

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Ecobank Transnational Inc. has a broad mission—providing financial services to customers in more than 30 African nations and beyond. The bank views its role as that of an economic catalyst, using financial services as a lever to help create a more inclusive society.

To advance its mission, Ecobank required a modern technology infrastructure that could support a digital-first strategy. The bank selected Oracle FLEXCUBE and Oracle Banking Digital Experience as the foundation for a new generation of financial services across West and Central Africa.

En parvenant à fabriquer de manière centralisée et à apporter nos solutions bancaires aux pays dans lesquels nous opérons, nous permettons aux gens, quel que soit leur niveau de revenu, de consommer les dernières technologies. Nous remercions Oracle de leur partenariat avec nous, visant à offrir des services bancaires à nos clients, là où ils en ont besoin et à un prix abordable.

Tomisin FashinaDirecteur informatique, Ecobank Transnational Inc.

Why Ecobank Transnational Chose Oracle

Oracle solutions are powering Ecobank’s digital-first strategy and creating a foundation for open banking that will dramatically elevate the customer experience and improve time to market for new solutions across the more than 30 countries in which Ecobank operates.

In addition, Oracle solutions enable the visibility required to fight digital crime and allow Ecobank to respond rapidly and effectively to regulators using a single source of truth.


With Oracle FLEXCUBE and Oracle Banking Digital Experience, Ecobank can function as a banking group that serves more than 30 countries versus a group of banks. This is key to its strategy to manufacture centrally and distribute products domestically. With its Oracle banking solutions, Ecobank is rapidly advancing its digital strategy by offering more services to customers in an omnichannel environment.

Ecobank’s Oracle solutions will also play an important role in the bank’s vision for open banking and its evolving role as a gateway to business in Africa. It is working toward delivering a platform to fintechs and other organizations that want to do business in Africa. It envisions a sandbox where fintechs and other organizations can work with Ecobank to test their solutions and ultimately roll them out.

Ecobank has consolidated operations in two data centers running a single instance of its Oracle applications, versus having data centers in each country. This centralized strategy enables the bank to reduce capital and operational costs, including software licensing requirements.

The bank brings this same unified strategy to its mobile banking application. It has one application that runs in more than 30 countries, spanning four languages, and many currencies. The bank’s 20 million customers can download one app and consume Ecobank’s services anywhere.

The single-instance approach also helps the bank enhance regulatory compliance as it has a single platform and source of truth. As a result, Ecobank can respond rapidly and with confidence to regulator requests.

Ecobank implemented its Oracle FLEXCUBE upgrade and deployed Oracle Banking Digital Experience across its operations in more than 30 countries in record time—just 20 months.

Publié:26 juin 2020