Fast Campus enhances industry edge with Oracle EPM Cloud

Fast Campus gains better insight into project education demands and improves planning efficiency for new classes with Oracle
Fast Campus is a Korean startup company that offers full-time and part-time practical training courses in numerous categories—blockchain, marketing, data science, programming, creative, finance, business, and more. Its mission is to constantly develop diversified educational content and help adults to enhance their skills and prepare for changing careers and business environments.

Curriculum staff members used to manage the data collected from market surveys, such as training content and instructor feedback, in spreadsheets. With rapid growth, it became difficult for Fast Campus to analyze the trends and plan for new courses. To sustain its edge in the education market, the company wanted to adopt a cloud solution to improve planning efficiency and gain insight into its business performance.

As our business and customers grow, data management is critical to our success. Thanks to a flexible and cost-effective Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, we eliminated manual data processing and gained a better ability to predict the education trends and plan new classes.

Jung HyunProgramming Education & Performance Marketing Leader, Fast Campus Co., Ltd.

Difficultés de l'entreprise

  • Improve planning and forecasting efficiency for new curriculums by streamlining the process to collate business data, such as student feedback and instructor costs, in a planning tool rather than manual spreadsheets  
  • Enable executives to analyze and predict the future needs of educational services and make better decisions, such as establishing shorter, full-time curriculums to meet the time requirements of professionals in various industries

Why Fast Campus Co., Ltd. Chose Oracle

“Educational service generates a variety of data every day. We wanted to find a solution that enabled different users to easily customize their dashboards and access the data. Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service was the best fit and met all our needs.”
—Jinhyuk Bahk, Business Operation Team Leader, Fast Campus Co., Ltd.


Fast Campus completed the implementation of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service in 3.5 months. Oracle Partner Newline Consulting also provided hands-on lab training to customers once a week.

  • Empowered executives to accurately project the future demands of education services by using the predictive forecasting capability of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service to easily assess the impact of financial outcomes for various combinations of curriculums
  • Increased the efficiency of planning new classes by allowing business users to analyze the effectiveness of training courses in multiple dimensions—such as by quality, quantity, timeliness, accessibility, and cost—and make faster decisions to resolve issues, such as adjusting the format of curriculums to boost the enrollment rate
  • Enhanced data consistency and accuracy by seamlessly integrating existing data, such as costs for training location and instructors, with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service and enabling users to instantly access data via the dashboard 
  • Gained greater insight into the performance of educational services by giving individual users the flexibility to create their own dashboards and produce business reports, such as sales pipelines, revenue, and costs for different training courses, with interactive analytics 
  • Improved competitive edge by using Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service to rapidly analyze the trends in the education industry and share the insight with other users  
  • Supported future growth by adopting world-class Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service without upfront capital expenditure investment and enabling the business to start with a small budget and address resource shortages


Publié:October 18, 2018