Juniper thrives with Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Planning

With Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Planning, Juniper gains significant improvements in inventory management and customer service on an SAP ERP back end.


Nous sommes parvenus à réduire de 15 % le coût global de nos stocks, tout en présentant une amélioration de 20 % par rapport à notre principal indicateur de service client, à savoir le délai au bout duquel nous pouvons tenir nos promesses aux clients.

Mitch HaynesVice-Président de la planification de la supply chain mondiale, Juniper Networks

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Juniper makes high-performance networking products and services for large enterprises, service providers, cloud providers, and state and local governments. Customers look to Juniper to make sure that they have the connectivity they need in order to run their network at optimal speed, scale, efficiency, and cost.

Juniper’s supply chain planning team felt they were underperforming from a customer service and a cost perspective and that there was room for improvement.  At an executive level, staffers knew they could do better and deliver better results. The first step in that journey was to improve integrated business, demand, and supply planning.

Les principaux avantages de l'utilisation de SaaS ne sont pas seulement la réduction du coût total de possession, mais aussi la disponibilité du système à 99 %, les nouvelles fonctionnalités apportées chaque trimestre, la disponibilité de technologies industrielles 4.0 telles que l'IA, la blockchain, IoT, etc., et un accès facile pour tous les salariés de Juniper.

Kiran GarlapatiDirecteur, Solutions informatiques, Jupiter Networks

Why Juniper Networks Chose Oracle

In its selection process, Juniper considered SAP as well as E2open's solution. The architecture of the solution was a key consideration, including the ability to have a cloud-delivered service fit with where both the business and IT departments wanted to go.

“I think we felt very comfortable with the way the tools were built and integrated together so that we could easily move from demand to supply and have that circle completed in the S&OP cycle,” said Mitch Haynes, Juniper’s Vice President of global supply chain planning at Juniper.


One of Juniper’s primary goals was a positive outcome with the integration between Oracle Supply Chain Planning and the company’s SAP ERP systems. One key to success was the rich set of API’s and Rest Services, which made the integration effort successful and timely. Juniper worked with implementation partner Trinamix and added an Oracle support person to the company’s steering committee. The working relationship was very important to the success of the project. 

Juniper and Oracle collaborated to deliver improvements to a key Oracle feature, backlog order management, which proved to be a mutually beneficial outcome. The business team was able to deliver improvements in inventory savings (15%) and a key customer service metric (30%). Integrated business planning was improved by incorporating important supplier data into business planning on the Oracle Cloud platform. Features in Demand Management and Supply Planning enabled better visibility into inventory and improved planning for assembly and test operations, which helped balance order management and production delivery.


“We’ve had a great partnership with Trinamix throughout our multi-year IBP journey. Trinamix is run by ex-oracle development team members, their knowledge of oracle applications, process skills, cloud implementations, delivery and industry experience has been exceptional and a key differentiator for the success of our transformation projects.”
—Kiran Garlapati, Senior Director, IT Solutions, Juniper Networks

Publié:14 décembre 2020