Instant access to data fuels TrueBlue's success

TrueBlue uses Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics to make faster, more informed business decisions.


We are going to deliver a view into the quarterly results for the first time using Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics in a way that will be really compelling and will provide executives with a quicker view into reality.

Norman FreySenior Vice President, Chief Accounting Office, TrueBlue

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TrueBlue, a leader in specialized workforce solutions, helps clients achieve business growth and improve productivity. TrueBlue had been using several homegrown front end or POS customer-facing systems that were unique, but getting access to the data was difficult and data reliability was questionable.

Why TrueBlue Chose Oracle

TrueBlue was using Power BI and Snowflake, which were expensive. The company needed a solution that was holistic, with easy access to data, with data integrity and visualizations. TrueBlue did not want to have to  create complex integrations between various systems. When TrueBlue learned about Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics as a turnkey solution for cloud applications, the company decided to take a different approach and become an early customer of Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics.

Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics is part of the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse portfolio of analytical applications for oracle cloud applications.


The company realized that building warehouses and providing analytics in-house can be a resource-intensive exercise. Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics balanced an Oracle managed data service with enough flexibility to create customer specific reporting and analysis for a broad set of use cases.

Previously, it would take days past the quarter for management to get a clear view into results, but now the time required has been cut by half or less. And with Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse, anyone in the company can get easy access to data.

TrueBlue uses Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics for a management reporting package that provides a month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date view of the top-line and bottom-line performance of various lines of business, including details to understand the context of individual KPIs.

Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics is providing a unique opportunity to visualize and present financial information, which makes insights more engaging for its business leaders, according to Norman Frey, senior vice president for TrueBlue.

The company now creates analysis to assess each financial statement line item by operating segment. TrueBlue can blend AP and GL data to assess vendor spend, accruals, trends, and account make-up. Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics eliminates data integrity issues since it includes a pre-built Oracle managed data integration with Oracle Cloud ERP.

Publié:15 septembre 2020