A Seamless Know Your Customer (KYC) and Due Diligence (CDD, EDD) Solution

Powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics, Oracle’s Know Your Customer solution augments your compliance program for KYC, customer due diligence (CDD), and enhanced due diligence (EDD) throughout the customer lifecycle. Continuously monitor risks via integrated, data-driven, and intelligent digitalization.

Delivering robust and secure onboarding with KYC and due diligence compliance on the cloud.

Minimize risk while enhancing customer experience

  • Better customer management

    Spend less time gathering data and more time analyzing it. Seamless API integrations with third-party data sources automatically collect the information you need.

    Screen automatically. Automatically screen against sanctions lists, PEP watchlists, negative news, blogs, forums, and more.

    Know the entire customer. In enterprise case management, investigators see a 360⁰ view of each entity and its associated risks.

  • Better risk assessment

    Accurately assess customer risk. Algorithmic scoring models assign risk scores in real time. NLP briefings and assistants enable even faster decision-making.

    Investigate intuitively. Inbuilt graph analytics visualizations enable advanced discovery and entity resolution.

    Make decisions with confidence. Our transparent and explainable risk scoring models are fully documented for internal audit or regulator review.

  • Better customer experience

    Streamline onboarding processes. Workflows reduce the number of customer touchpoints while providing visibility of policies and procedures to teams.

    Build a complete customer picture, fast. Gather additional information from third-party sources in less than a second.

    Optimize investigator time and effort. Focus only on the riskiest cases by periodically de-risking low risk customers.

Drive frictionless customer experiences with complete lifecycle risk management

  • Onboarding

    • Customer data gathering
    • Identity verification
  • Customer due diligence

    • Simplified due diligence
    • Risk assessment (occupational, product, etc.)
  • Enhanced due diligence

    • Sanctions, PEP, SDN screening
    • Identity verification
    • Negative news search
  • Ongoing monitoring

    • Continuous monitoring based on risk ratings
    • Accelerated reviews and perpetual monitoring triggered by external events
    • Ongoing screening and continuous updates of global watchlist/negative news
  • Investigations

    • High-risk customer investigations
    • Thorough relationship investigations
    • Investigation history and audits

Why Oracle’s KYC/CDD solution

Quickly and Accurately Assess Customer Risks

Our Know Your Customer (KYC) product allows financial institutions to meet regulatory requirements, improves overall customer relationships, and provides cost-effective measures to identify and prevent financial crimes.

  • Comprehensive and extensible risk-scoring function
  • Continuous customer monitoring through lifecycle risk scoring
  • Real-time and batch interfaces to integrate with other systems
  • Advanced and enhanced due diligence to enable quality investigations
  • Extensible data mode reduces implementation time and costs

Achieve Optimal Screening Accuracy

Delivers advanced threat detection while minimizing false positives, helping to cost-effectively comply with increasingly complex domestic and international regulations.

  • Batch and real-time screening
  • Sophisticated matching algorithms with more than 450 standard match rules
  • Customizable workflows tailored for compliance investigations
  • Optional country packs with name and geographical reference data
Leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™: KYC Solution, 2021

Oracle was rated highest for customer impact and recognized as a leader for technology excellence.

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