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Enabling Research at Scale

Oracle's high-performance cloud computing solutions, combined with our deep research heritage, are advancing exploration, discovery, and innovation.

Oracle Cloud for Research Institutions

Humankind needs answers in order to evolve. Today, our pursuit of those answers through research is crucial to advancing all industries. Research is the gateway to exploration, discovery, and problem-solving. With Oracle Cloud, research institutions can deploy innovative technology solutions, to help accelerate research and discovery.

Researcher teams can deploy, build, integrate and manage research applications, to run the most computationally intensive research processes.

Advancing Research Through Innovation

Oracle has supported the research community for over forty years. Advances in the cloud deployment of high performance computing and advanced analytics solutions—along with innovative technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning—have radically changed what is possible in data-driven research.

Research Programs

Oracle for Research
Oracle for Research

Oracle supports researchers, scientists, and university-associated innovations with free access to high performance computing, Oracle Autonomous Database, and more.

Oracle Labs
Oracle Labs

Oracle Labs researchers look for novel approaches and methodologies, often taking on projects with high risk or uncertainty, or that are difficult to tackle.

Oracle Research Office
External Research Office

The External Research Office invests in research collaborations between university researchers and engineers/researchers.

internet 2 by Mythics

Raising Research to New Heights. Oracle–Mythics Internet2 Research Cloud Solution

The Mythics NET and Oracle Cloud Services agreement makes it easier than ever for researchers to utilize high-performance cloud technologies with cost-effective pricing and on-demand support.

Learn how your institution can benefit (PDF)
GÉANT logo

Offering Cloud Services Through GÉANT

Education and research institutions in Europe can now directly consume cloud services without the need for public procurement. Using the OCRE framework, institutions can gain a number of benefits specifically tailored to academic cloud adoption. Oracle Cloud services are available via the Oracle partners listed in the OCRE Cloud Catalogue.

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Research Use Cases

CERN openlab logo

CERN Explores the Benefits of Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud


CERN openlab

CERN is exploring the use of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to improve the performance of their research infrastructures. Their partnership with Oracle is key in monitoring large quantities of data.

University of Bristol logo

Oracle Helps Develop ADDomer—A New Vaccine for Untreatable Infection



Scientists from the University of Bristol, CNRS, and Imophoron Ltd worked with Oracle to develop a new kind of vaccine that needs no refrigeration.

Woolcock Institute logo

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Helps Australia Sleep


Woolcock Innovates Medical Research with Autonomous Database

The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research is accelerating insomnia research by using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to analyze hundreds of thousands of variables in minutes instead of weeks.

Interactive Scientific logo

Oracle Cloud: iSci Inspiring Tomorrow's Scientists



iSci is using Oracle Cloud to get kids into chemistry using 3D data visualizations and to help medical researchers discover new drugs.

CERN logo

CERN Uses Kubernetes to Reduce Oracle WebLogic Server Deployment Time



CERN has been using many critical Java applications on Oracle WebLogic Server. DevOps teams spent a lot of time on maintenance tasks. Using Kubernetes for WebLogic containers allowed the team to reduce deployment time from half a day to two minutes.

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund logo

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund: Modern Conservation That Inspires


Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

Every day the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund collects data on endangered mountain gorillas using cloud-based technology and a mobile app. Their modern approach to conservation is saving gorillas and inspiring future conservationists.

CERN logo

Oracle Helps CERN Use Big Data to Explore the Universe



For more than 35 years, Oracle has helped CERN manage massive amounts of data produced by the Large Hadron Collider and its experiments. This data helps scientists better understand the universe and explore phenomena such as dark energy and dark matter.

Bristol University logo

How Virtual Reality Can Change the Way We See Our Molecular World


Bristol University and iSci

VR journeys into the molecular level aren’t just fun—they reveal important details of how nature is built and behaves, and could hold keys to engineering nanosystems, combating antimicrobial resistance, and making progress to understand neurodegenerative disease.

LL Labs logo

Increasing the Reliability of the World's Largest Laser


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

See how Oracle is helping Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, home to the world's largest laser, increase the reliability and availability of their infrastructure, reduce server expenditures, and give time back to science.

Oracle logo

Oracle for Scientific Imaging


Scientific Imaging

Learn how to utilize Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service and Object Storage to automatically upload and track data streamed from laboratory equipment.