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Oracle Introduces New AI-Powered Skills Solution to Help Organizations Drive Employee and Business Growth

New solution within Oracle Cloud HCM helps leadership teams maximize talent potential and align upskilling with business priorities

Austin, Texas—May 8, 2024
Oracle Grow

Oracle today announced a new AI-powered upskilling solution within Oracle Grow, part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). Oracle Grow for Business Leaders supports employee development and strengthens organizational agility by helping business leaders quickly develop, upskill, and empower their teams to better achieve business outcomes.

“Today’s fast-paced market has created a continuously moving target around business outcomes and the skills needed to achieve them. To maximize talent potential and business success in this environment, business leaders need the tools to upskill their teams quickly and efficiently,” said Chris Leone, executive vice president, applications development, Oracle. “Oracle Grow for Business Leaders addresses this need and gives business leaders the ability to find the right people and successfully align skills and business strategy.”

Oracle Grow for Business Leaders connects all talent information from across the enterprise to provide leaders with a unified solution to effectively support skills development, maximize employee growth, and improve business success. The new AI-powered upskilling solution includes:

  • Leadership-Driven Role Guides: Helps business leaders ensure critical needs are met with the right talent and skills by creating prescriptive guides that give employees clear guidance to align themselves with strategic outcomes. The new guides leverage AI-powered skills recommendations and generative AI capabilities to help leaders quickly detail the purpose and goals of the strategic roles and identify the necessary resources to help employees achieve success in each role, such as training, required reading, or mentors.
  • Centralized Leader Dashboard: Improves business leader agility with real-time visibility into development progress against role guides, specific skills and qualifications, and the overall skills of their business. The new dashboard leverages AI-powered insights from across the suite to help leaders proactively track skills progression by department, business unit, position, or person; identify emerging gaps; and monitor the organization’s progress in meeting business outcomes.
  • Enhanced Workforce Transparency for Strategic Roles: Enables business leaders to better help employees grow and develop their careers by incorporating role guides directly within an individual’s personalized Oracle Grow feed. This gives employees full transparency into the expectations from their leadership and delivers AI-powered recommendations on specific tasks, skills, and training needed to meet key business needs.
  • Innovative Internal Mobility: Enables business leaders to maximize internal mobility and discover the right talent faster by incorporating role guides into Opportunity Marketplace, an internal talent marketplace within Oracle Cloud HCM. The new addition leverages AI-powered recommendations to go beyond standard internal job or project postings and helps employees discover new career path opportunities while giving business leaders the visibility they need to find the right talent and skills within their team or the broader organization.
  • Skills Aggregation Platform: Accelerates an organization’s adoption of skills-based talent practices through the Oracle Dynamic Skills Platform, a robust skills aggregation platform that enables a single skills infrastructure fully unified with people and work data wherever it exists. Directly embedded in Oracle Grow, Oracle Dynamic Skills Platform provides an extensive library of seeded skills, consolidates an organization’s existing or third-party skills data, and delivers AI-driven recommendations to power talent intelligence, experiences, and practices.

“With the demand for new skills evolving at such a rapid pace, organizations need to reevaluate their upskilling strategies in order to meet key business goals,” said Trish Steed, CEO and principal analyst, H3 HR Advisors. “Oracle has proven investments in the skills marketplace, and with the introduction of Oracle Grow for Business Leaders, they are now delivering a truly complete upskilling solution for employees, business leaders, and HR professionals. Powered by AI and machine learning capabilities, this new solution is making talent management more simple, efficient, and effective.”

Oracle Grow dynamically connects learning, skills growth, and career mobility in one hyper-personalized development experience. The addition of Oracle Grow for Business Leaders further drives employee and business growth by empowering employees to maximize their potential and helping leaders align upskilling with business outcomes. It also empowers HR with unparalleled insights into the supply and demand of skills and development resources across the enterprise, to strengthen people initiatives, optimize workforce investments, and improve business outcomes.

Built for the cloud, Oracle Cloud HCM is a complete solution connecting every human resource process from hire to retire across an organization with a native employee experience platform. By connecting all employee data on a single platform, HR teams have access to a single source of truth to help inform their people strategy. In addition, built-in AI acts as an advisor to help analyze workforce data, generate content, and surface recommendations and critical insights to help improve business operations.

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