NCBA Bank gives personalized service using Oracle Cloud

Oracle’s integrated marketing solutions help modernize NCBA’s customer experience to better attract and retain clients while also improving ROI.


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East African financial services conglomerate NCBA is committed to serving its 32 million customers with modern digital services. However, the bank’s marketing and CRM processes were fragmented and disconnected, interfering with its ambition to enhance cutting-edge mobile banking technology with personalized customer experiences.

Looking to modernize and harmonize these processes, NCBA needed to blend the best of both worlds to please customers while maximizing NCBA’s return on its marketing investment.

Why NCBA Bank Chose Oracle

Oracle offered both the technical expertise and the end-to-end support that would support NCBA in delivering personalized customer experiences. Oracle understood the company’s mission and took a hands-on approach to ensuring that NCBA not only applied the right technology to achieve its goals, but also accomplished a smooth implementation that would deliver the long-term benefits the bank was looking for.


As part of its modernization effort, NCBA adopted multiple Oracle customer experience platforms, including Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence, and Oracle Data Management Platform. Combined, these applications are helping the bank use data to track and influence the customer journey and to choose the contact methods and messages that resonate with individual clients. This custom experience allows NCBA to keep customers engaged.

NCBA has experienced a 200% improvement in email open rates based on its ability to better target customer segments through marketing campaigns. Also, automation applied to individual clients triggers actions that provide relevant information to customers, in turn leading to a more meaningful experience. As a result of these targeted efforts, the bank is seeing a 20% decrease in customer churn, while qualified leads have doubled.

In addition, NCBA is getting enthusiastic feedback from clients regarding individualized messaging. Customers also appreciate the ability to track progress in achieving their financial goals—a strong affirmation of the company’s mission to support the region’s economic growth aspirations and improve their customers’ lives.

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