Unify data and analytics across departments

Understand how every part of your business impacts company goals and strategy with cross-departmental analytics.

Challenges with information silos

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Connect your business with cross-departmental analytics

  • Empower everyone with combined data across departments
  • Get your numbers all in one place to make quick decisions
  • Predict how your business processes affect business outcomes

Extend analysis beyond a single department

Gain insights on revenue generation from each touchpoint of the customer journey

Examine revenue, sales, marketing, and service metrics together
  • Analyze combined revenue, sales, marketing, and service metrics together to better evaluate programs and full-funnel effectiveness.
  • Generate more accurate forecasts and understand potential revenue leakage points.
  • Ensure pipeline is enough to cover costs, and that costs are within reach of forecasted revenue.

Departments typically involved:
Sales, Marketing, Finance

See top KPIs for lead to revenue

Drive greater efficiency across the entire order-to-cash process

Drill from orders to fulfillment to invoices
  • Improve process efficiency by analyzing critical trends across DSO, accounts receivables, and order-to-invoicing cycle time.
  • Quickly analyze anomalies in bookings, revenue, and invoice amounts for top customers and products.

Departments typically involved:
Finance, Supply Chain, Sales

See top KPIs for order to cash

Identify cost savings and reduce risk with unified procurement and finance data

Identify cost savings by analyzing from procurement to finance data
  • Control cash flow more effectively and free up cash with a better understanding of optimum payment terms.
  • Explore savings opportunities with shared information across departments.
  • Mitigate financial risk by tracking off-contract spend patterns and agreement leakage or usage.
  • Build successful strategic supplier relationships with operations and payments visibility.

Departments typically involved:
Procurement, Finance, Supply Chain

See top KPIs for procure to pay

Measure the impact of your manufacturing and supply chain operations to the business

Monitor your operations metrics that are important to you
  • Identify ways to meet customers’ expectations.
  • Pinpoint current and future supply chain risks to achieve sustainable profitability.
  • Spot inefficiencies and areas for improvement in product and service delivery operations.

Departments typically involved:
Supply chain, Manufacturing, Procurement, Finance

See top KPIs for plan to produce

Better workforce decisions with people analytics

Analyze your teams performance with KPIs
  • Link recruiting to business outcomes.
  • Identify and prevent top talent from leaving.
  • Assist with workforce planning to understand the skills and roles your organization needs.

Departments typically involved:
HR, Finance, Supply chain, Sales, Marketing

See top KPIs for recruit to retire

Derive value from your ESG data

Continuously monitor of scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve ESG program results by continuously tracking ESG targets versus actuals.
  • Reduce environmental impact with visibility across company-wide contribution to emissions and wastage.
  • Improve workforce diversity with insight into HR data across the organization.

Departments typically involved:
Procurement, Finance, Supply chain, HR

See top KPIs for ESG

When rolled out, we anticipated hundreds of users for Oracle Fusion Analytics and the potential to provide cross-functional business analysis for multiple departments.”

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