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JASCI speeds next-day orders with Oracle Cloud

Manufacturers and retailers use the company's cloud-based warehouse management software to accelerate order fulfillment operations. JASCI Software runs on Oracle Autonomous Database to make sure the orders always keep flowing.

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Next day, no problem

Fulfilling an online order so that it arrives on a doorstep the next day has come to seem almost routine. But it’s far from an easy job—especially as orders grow into the thousands or even millions a day. The largest online retailers spend billions of dollars fine-tuning their supply chains. JASCI's cloud-based warehouse management software gives retailers and consumer goods manufacturers a platform to compete against the online giants. They can turbocharge their order fulfilment processes by using artificial intelligence to orchestrate inventory, labor, robotics, and shipping, so they can routinely hit that next-day—or even same-day—mark themselves.

To meet the 24/7 demands of ecommerce, JASCI Software takes advantage of AI to optimize its customers’ warehouse, inventory, orders, labor, and shipping with real-time visibility.

When customer experience is on the line, every second counts. You need speed, efficiency, and accuracy to deliver on your customers’ expectations.
Craig Wilensky, CEO, JASCI Software

Customer Story

Every second counts

The moment you click “Buy” in an online store, you set off a complex fulfillment process that relies heavily on data flowing freely and updating instantaneously. That’s why JASCI chose Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to run its service.

JASCI Software helps a retailer or manufacturer find an item in one of many possible warehouses, then guides and tracks the item through the pick, pack, ship, and track processes, with each step measured in seconds. For JASCI, that can mean billions of transactions a day from myriad customers running its cloud-based service. If a database slowed down, it could throw off the rhythm and cost customers in extra labor, missed deadlines, and fewer items shipped.

With Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, JASCI can process twice as many orders with half the labor, allowing its customers to process more orders at a lower cost.

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Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

With Oracle Autonomous Database, JASCI’s order processing runs more than 100 times faster than on its previous cloud-based database from another provider.

With Oracle Autonomous Database, we can now take on a customer of any size.

Craig Wilensky, CEO, JASCI Software