Zonamerica cuts infrastructure management costs 40% with Oracle

With Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, Zonamerica can offer high-speed infrastructure to companies in Colombia’s growing knowledge-based service sector.


Having the backing of a brand like Oracle as a cloud technology provider helps us with our positioning as a company, because what we’re saying is we use the best technology in the world.

Andrés AristizábalTechnology Manager, Zonamerica Colombia

Business challenges

Zonamerica has a vision: Create a special economic zone in Colombia to host companies that generate 2% of the country’s GDP, with a focus on knowledge-based services. The Uruguayan company accomplished that with its economic zone in its home country, and it began operations in Colombia in 2018 to replicate that success. Of the 23 buildings planned for the Colombian zone, three have already been built.

The value proposition is to deliver architecturally modern facilities designed for knowledge-based services, including telecommunications and technology infrastructure, in a campus environment where talented people want to work and companies can grow. The economic zone also offers tax benefits, aiming in particular to attract companies in industries such as business process outsourcing, software development, and fashion design. Its facilities include a Tier IV data center and a state-of-the-art technology laboratory.

Zonamerica Colombia, in addition to physical infrastructure, provides hosted computing infrastructure services using Oracle equipment, which includes a private cloud, virtual server, backup, business continuity, and more. The company offers customers infrastructure as a service with low latency times, strong security, and redundancy.

When the company arrived in Colombia, the challenge was to offer cloud-based hardware and software services to its customers using globally recognized, state-of-the-art equipment.

With Oracle, we are able to position Zonamerica as a one-stop shop for high specifications both at the real estate level and as an IT service provider, to companies with global market reach who demand high service standards.

Alejandro PeláezBusiness Development Manager, Zonamerica Colombia

Why Zonamerica Colombia Chose Oracle

The company selected Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) because it could provide infrastructure that would appeal to technology-dependent companies, thus making Zonamerica the best choice to set up shop. Oracle PCA complements the company’s real estate business model, supports Zonamerica's value proposition, and offers high service availability and performance.

Zonamerica Colombia considers Oracle its strategic partner because Oracle’s solutions make it easier to execute one of the key points of its commercial and operational strategy:  Attract globally recognized companies that need state-of-the-art technology to stand at the forefront of their sectors. With that goal in mind, Zonamerica Colombia chose to deliver Oracle’s scalability, resource optimization, and maximum performance.


Zonamerica saw a 40% drop in the cost of infrastructure management for its customers, thanks to Oracle Private Cloud Appliance. Oracle’s strong cost-performance ratio helps zone tenants increase competitiveness. Oracle’s PCA was also 60% faster at provisioning new environments and 20% faster in backup process automation times.

Mutual trust in this strategic partnership has yielded remarkable results beyond cost savings and speed. Companies can move into the Zonamerica Colombia ecosystem without making big initial investments in technology infrastructure, because the park offers cloud infrastructure tailored to the customer's needs, locally, without increased latency. Another benefit is the reduced risk of technological obsolescence for customers.

Published:August 6, 2021