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We are an award-winning global agency devoted to helping you create effective omnichannel marketing campaigns, employee communications, sales materials, and other experiences—whether you’re using Oracle Applications or third-party technology.

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With an average tenure of more than 10 years, our creatives, strategists, data scientists, and technologists have the skills and industry experience to help you create high-performing content, find the critical insights hidden in your data, and better leverage your platform investments. Together, we can foster stronger, longer-lasting relationships with every customer, employee, and partner you reach.

Our story

Since the mid-2000s, we’ve offered deep expertise in email marketing, including design, copywriting, coding, deployment, strategy, and deliverability. However, over the past decade, we've done more and more work for our customers in other channels, including web, loyalty, SMS, mobile push, browser push, social, and even direct mail. Today, all this channel work is increasingly being unified, coordinated, and orchestrated together to create both a critical mass of messaging across channels and coordinated omnichannel journeys.

Our roots are in serving customers using Oracle’s B2C marketing platform Responsys and its B2B platform Eloqua, we've branched out to support more platforms. Nowadays, we’ve expanded to help customers using our customer data platform Unity and real-time targeting engine Infinity Behavioral Intelligence, as well as Oracle Fusion Applications across marketing, sales, service, CX analytics, human capital management, supply chain management, and more.

And while we remain experts in Oracle technology, we’re increasingly doing more work with brands that aren’t on any of those platforms. So, no matter what you’re using to send your digital marketing campaigns or create digital touchpoints, Oracle Digital Experience Agency can help maximize your investment and create award-winning and heart-winning brand experiences.

Awards and recognition

Known for quality and innovation

Our work has helped customers earn more than 50 industry awards since 2017. In 2023, we’ve added 4 new wins to the trophy case with gold-standard engagement rates to back them up.

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Xumo TV, Email Campaign

Xfinity Mobile, Email Campaign
Lands' End Mystery Sale

MarCom Awards
Xfinity Mobile

Lands' End
Xfinity Entertainment Newsletter

Media Post EIS Awards
Xumo TV, Entertainment

Trusted by global leaders

Top brands around the world count on our partnership to solve complex problems on time and on budget—and they love the results.

  • 94% Customer Satisfaction
  • 82 Net Promoter Score (compared to the industry average of 43)

NPS benchmarks:

  • -100 to 0 = Needs improvement
  • 0 - 30 = Good
  • 30 - 70 = Great
  • 70 - 100 = Excellent

Strategy and analytics

Customer insights

Make your customer data work harder across channels and the customer lifecycle. With testing, machine learning algorithms, prioritization, and predictive analytics, our data team can help you quickly develop actionable insights and implement more personalized, targeted marketing campaigns.

Custom analytics

Our data scientists craft custom models and analyses to leverage your data assets in ways you never have before. This drives timely insights, more refined targeting, increased content personalization and incremental revenue across your mix of marketing channels.

Strategic planning

We’ve worked across almost every vertical to inform digital marketing plans that map to business goals. Whether it’s personalization frameworks, customer retention efforts, predicting/influencing behavior, segmentation support or lifecycle optimization, we are focused on your success roadmap.

Creative and coding


With impactful storytelling, design, and data-informed strategy, our content marketing experts will work as an extension of your team, collaborating with your partners and internal resources to craft impactful, cross-channel experiences with our high-impact designs, engaging and persuasive copywriting, and attention to accessibility compliance and user-friendliness.

Design thinking

Generate simple solutions to complex challenges and learn how to collaborate better with design thinking methodologies. Our workshops, boot camps, and interactive deep dives help you question assumptions and redefine strategies so you can avoid unnecessary costs and focus on the right opportunities.

Front-end development

We’ll build any kind of content you can dream up, make sure your campaigns render successfully across all environments, and optimize for every user. If it’s web services you want, we’ll enhance user journeys across all forms, troubleshooting and advising along the way.

Campaign management, QA, and execution

Campaign execution

You give us the assets and we’ll take care of the rest. Whatever the campaign type, our 24/7 team will take care of uploading content, selecting the audience, monitoring the send, assuring quality, and managing every detail. If your team is facing a crisis or needs to get a message out the door in two hours or less, we can make sure critical communications make the connection.

Email deliverability

Prevent or resolve any blocks or bulking your campaigns may face to ensure emails arrive safely in your audience’s inboxes (and stay out of spam folders) with thorough evaluations, actionable insights, and inbox placement best practices. If you need longer-term help, we offer ongoing deliverability monitoring and proactive assistance.


Implementation and change management


Quickly and seamlessly integrate Oracle Marketing technology with your current infrastructure with packages that best suit your solution architecture needs. We’ll design a custom cross-channel solution keeping the nuances of your business in mind, so that you have the right data model, useful insights and analytics, and fully enriched visitor information for retargeting streams.

Change management

Every technology change is also a people and a process change—especially when you’re implementing a customer data platform. Our change management experts are here to guide you through the journey of profile unification and data centralization to bring personalized experiences to your customers, and ensure your team and workflows make the leaps necessary to optimize our powerful, ever-evolving technologies.

November 7, 2023

When to Hit Pause on Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

—Chad S. White, Head of Research, Oracle Marketing Consulting

Sadly, brands have faced an increasing number of circumstances in which they’ve decided it was in their best interest to cancel or delay their digital marketing campaigns, either on a national or regional basis. At the same time, in the heat of the moment, some brands have failed to pause their campaigns and faced allegations of insensitivity, suffered brand damage, and audience losses.

To increase your chances of responding in a way that’s most appropriate for your brand, your company should agree on the circumstances that would typically lead it to take action before you’re faced with them for real. You’ll still be forced to make a quick decision about what to do, but you’ll deliberate less because you will have clarified your corporate values and risk tolerances.

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“In my personal experience, working with our Oracle services team has been a much better overall experience than I had working with Salesforce Services in a previous role. The team is much more invested in our success, is organized and has better follow-through, provides prompt responses, and is proactive.”

—Director, CRM Strategy, Major Retailer

“Our strategist is a great asset for us. Our team has greatly benefited from the insight and strategy she provides. Our account manager is always on top of our projects and steers us in the right direction. Honestly, we don't know how we can survive without his help. The Responsys tech consultants provide necessary information for our engineering team, and we feel that we have a great partnership.”

—Program Manager, Online Travel Agency

“The entire team cares a lot about their work and how to service the client. They always are very positive, professional, and really focused on trying to make the client happy. Our team really feels that they are an extension of our team. The Oracle team takes feedback well and tries to make improvements based on what the teams needs are.”

—VP Retention Marketing, Major Retailer