Oracle Cloud EPM for Sustainability

With environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting at the top of the organizational agenda, you need a comprehensive performance management solution that provides transparency to all stakeholders and regulators. Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) helps integrate financial and nonfinancial data so that you can fulfill more than just your reporting requirements; it also helps you plan and manage your ESG practices—now and into the future.

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ESG reporting & planning solution features

Import data from source systems

Populate a purpose-built ESG data model

Oracle’s enterprise sustainability management solution features a data model designed to handle diverse pre-transformed ESG activity data, such as energy use, fleet mileage, spending, and workforce data.

Collect all ESG data

The account structure is based on a combination of the IFRS, ESRS (CSRD), and GRI standards, and is separated by topic to easier align to the various reporting requirements.

Easily track source data

Unique identifiers from source documentation are captured for all systems, ensuring data integrity, and an ESG data validation log is created where needed for auditability and assurance.

Prepare, validate, and enrich data and metadata

Easily prepare the data and metadata by data transforming and mapping. Convert units of measure and currency with Oracle Cloud EPM’s various data processing capabilities.

Validate the required metrics

Identify the data that is required for your organization and run validation rules to control data quality. Be certain that only the correct data is loaded by handling exceptions.

Adapt for your industry

Oracle Cloud EPM sustainability can be configured for any type of organization, in any industry to satisfy multiple ESG reporting requirements.

Convert raw data into ESG metrics

Calculate key performance indicators

Environmental impact metrics often require complex calculation, whereas social and governance do so to a lesser extent. With Oracle Cloud EPM, these distinct transformations are all configurable.

Provide your preferred ratios

Oracle Cloud EPM allows flexible mapping for scope 1, 2, and 3 activities (GHG Protocol Corporate Standard), linking data to adjustable emission factors for carbon accounting calculations. The emissions calculator then automates all unit conversions and calculations.

Get full transparency

Built-in process management helps to ensure improved clarity of calculations, identify errors, and reconcile discrepancies. This allows drill back for any reported KPI for full transparency.

Model and align sustainability initiatives across your company

Align across your organization

Different parts of the business will have different requirements. Cloud EPM scenario modelling helps line-of-business leaders understand the impacts of their decisions and how they will affect your company’s overall sustainability goals.

Model sustainability initiatives

Scenario modeling capabilities help business leaders simultaneously evaluate multiple plans and scenarios, enhancing your understanding of ESG risks and opportunities.

Accurately allocate carbon fees

Activity-based calculations boost reporting accuracy, while advanced models incorporate carbon recharging and internal carbon fees for a more comprehensive financial and ESG performance reflection.

Predict and plan various ESG initiatives

Operationalize sustainability plans

Turn sustainability goals into short- and long-term plans, aligning initiatives across your operations. With Cloud EPM, you can make decisions based on an integrated understanding of sustainability, finance, and operations.

Predict likely performance

Using predictive planning, create and validate your forecasts and predict future performance. Data-driven predictive forecasts help you predict performance so you can take early corrective actions.

Use machine learning to validate assumptions

Leverage machine learning (ML) by importing existing ML model investments into your ESG plans. Use external and operational data to validate assumptions or drivers to keep on track with ESG goals.

Visualize performance with dashboards and AI-powered alerts

Monitor performance

Easily visualize ESG data in interactive dashboards so business leaders can review, explore, and understand their impact on sustainability initiatives in an easier-to-understand format.

Quickly communicate ESG performance

Communicate ESG performance by combining narrative with ESG data in a collaborative, managed reporting process with approvals, progress monitoring, and change tracking.

Get instant AI-powered alerts

Native AI can help to monitor ESG data, with built-in pattern recognition to provide alerts on anomalies or material variances—so you can take corrective action in a timely manner.

Report to internal and external stakeholders and provide appropriate assurance

Communicate to stakeholders

Easily communicate sustainability performance to all stakeholders. Combine data, visuals, and textual narratives in a single report, enabling ESG teams to author sustainability reports.

Comply with multiple frameworks

Changing rules and regulations requires flexible reporting methods. Oracle Cloud EPM allows adaptable reporting across CSRD, TCFD, IFRS, CDP, and all other frameworks that can easily be changed.

Global ESG view

With a central store of ESG data, you can use Oracle Cloud EPM to create a consolidated and comprehensive global sustainability report that brings in live data as well as narrative contributions.

Environment, sustainability, and governance customer success

Chipotle delivers on social and environmental goals with Oracle

Chipotle, an international fast-food restaurant has environmental and social goals embedded in its brand values.

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Scottish Water transforms for a sustainable future

The sole provider of water services to the more than 2.5 million households in Scotland is committed to the well-being of its customers, diversity and inclusion for its employees, and environmental sustainability for the health of the planet.

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Finance: The unsung hero in sustainability reporting

Wayne Heather, EPM Product Marketing Director, Oracle

In the rapidly evolving landscape of corporate responsibility, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting has emerged as a crucial element. However, the key to unlocking its full potential might lie in an unexpected place – the finance department.

Finance is positioned to be the leader in sustainability reporting due to several key factors. CFOs are moving to take the lead in ESG initiatives, not only sharing their organization's ESG achievements but also developing ESG strategies around stakeholder interests.

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