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Dynamic Precision migrates its core IT system to Oracle Cloud

Dynamic Precision, is an electronics design office whose main product is an electronic component database to support engineers. Dynamic Precision Group has an office and production facility in Oslo, as well as engineering offices in Stockholm and Gdańsk.

WarszawaNovember 8, 2022

The main IT system supporting the company's operations is the Oracle Agile PLM application, introduced to the Oracle portfolio in 2007 with the acquisition of Agile Software Corporation, a market leader in product lifecycle management systems.

After many years of using Agile PLM in a local model, Dynamic Precision Group decided to radically upgrade its infrastructure by moving the main application to the Oracle Cloud. The implementation is carried out by Chmurowisko, Oracle Poland partner.

"For many years we used Agile PLM in the on-premise model, but as our company grew and opened new locations, it became apparent that this way of using IT infrastructure no longer met our needs," comments Dynamic Precision's Piotr Przystup. "We have been aware of the benefits of cloud computing for a long time, so we decided to radically eliminate the so-called technological debt and move our system to the cloud. Since the Oracle database is the native platform for Agile PLM, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was the natural choice in this case. "

The migration project involves mapping the legacy environment to a cloud platform and moving to a cloud licensing model for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. The implementation consultants additionally programmed a number of customizations to the Agile PLM system so that it can work optimally in the OCI environment.

"Moving on-premises systems to cloud infrastructure is a clear trend we've been seeing among business application users recently," said Piotr Kalinowski, Senior Cloud Architect at Chmurowisko. "In the case of Dynamic Precision Group, it was clear that their several years old Agile PLM system was in need of a major upgrade, and migrating it to OCI was the perfect solution to this problem. Of course, we did not avoid the standard challenges that come with the age of this system, but we efficiently managed to bring the solution to optimal performance in the new environment."

One element of the ongoing project is the implementation of Oracle's GoldenGate service for real-time data replication between different database instances. "With the database running in the cloud and the GoldenGate service, we can serve our customers with less latency, which has helped provide them with a much better experience than they had before. Thanks to real-time replication, we have eliminated many bottlenecks in our supply chain, and products are reaching customers without delay." - Piotr Przystup adds.

"In addition to such advantages of cloud computing as a reduced workload for the local IT team and the ability to freely scale the workload as needed, a great benefit of cloud computing is also the wide possibilities of expanding the environment with additional systems," comments Sebastian Jastrzebski, Cloud Platform Sales Representative at Oracle Digital EMEA. "The licensing model for cloud services is also much simpler - this was especially important for Dynamic Precision, which has several locations and has previously had to support multiple distributed database instances in the on-premise model."

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