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European Commission Selects Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Public bodies across European Union gain access to over 100 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and platform services

Austin, Texas/Brussels, BelgiumOctober 30, 2023
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Oracle today announced that the European Commission (EC) has agreed to incorporate Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and its platform services into the cloud service offerings available to the EU administration. The Commission selected OCI following a competitive procurement procedure.

The six-year agreement enables dozens of European Union Institutions, Bodies and Agencies to gain access to more than 100 OCI services and take advantage of the many benefits offered by cloud computing, including scalability, security, flexibility, and reliable performance.

OCI provides scalable, high-performance computing and allows easy migration of legacy on-premises applications to the cloud. It also applies rigorous organizational and architectural security with a comprehensive range of security features—including advanced encryption technologies, integrated identity management, and strict access controls—that enable EU institutions and bodies to meet compliance, data governance, and regulatory mandates with less risk and cost. Using OCI, government agencies can securely store, process, and analyse data while meeting stringent privacy protection requirements.

European Union Institutions, Bodies and Agencies can now join more than 1,000 public sector organizations, including the UK Government, the Government of the Netherlands, the Australian Federal Government and the US Department of Defense that use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to modernize their operations and accelerate digital transformation.

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