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LEMO selects Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications to increase productivity and drive innovation

Global leader in advanced connector solutions unifies finance, HR, supply chain and sales to improve operational agility and efficiency.

GENF, Schweiz July 6, 2023

LEMO, the Swiss-based global leader in precision and high-performance connector solutions, selects Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite to increase operational efficiency. The move will enable LEMO to standardise business processes across its operations, benefit from a single source of data, accelerate strategic decisions, increase agility and, above all, improve the experience of its employees and customers.

LEMO decided to re-evaluate its IT infrastructure and enterprise software, as well as the way it manages its key business processes, in order to better support its growth objectives. The adoption of an integrated and holistic approach to data management, aimed at automating and improving the company's processes as a whole, led to the decision to replace the current systems with Oracle Fusion Applications. The solution was chosen because of its ability to easily standardise end-to-end business processes through a single, integrated suite of cloud applications, including Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management (SCM) und Oracle Cloud Customer Experience (CX).

LEMO, the inventor of Push-Pull connectors, specialises in the development and production of cutting-edge connector solutions. These solutions are widely used in a wide variety of demanding applications, such as medical, industrial, audio/visual, automotive, scientific research and test and measurement. LEMO supplies its solutions to more than 150,000 customers in over 80 countries worldwide. The company is looking to standardise processes across its 25 business units with a common platform for all to increase the efficiency of the organisation. It is also looking to gain real-time access to customer requests, enabling a rapid response to market needs. Oracle Fusion Applications guarantees the consistency, transparency and efficiency of processes at Group level. This solution also enables performance to be measured, decisions to be taken on the basis of reliable data, and the financial impact of operational decisions to be better assessed. What's more, it offers a scalable business platform to support the company's growth.

"We needed a complete suite of integrated, innovative applications, as well as Oracle's comprehensive technology offering," explains Isidore Chirichiello, the Group's Vice President of IT. "We chose Oracle cloud technology because we absolutely wanted to keep our main data in Switzerland. This five-year digital journey will accelerate our growth, which already has a history of over seventy-five years, while transforming our working culture. The aim is to improve operational efficiency and standardise processes across the Group while fostering a collaborative culture and delivering a seamless customer experience."

The Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications suite enables companies to leverage the cloud to decompartmentalise their various departments, while standardising their processes and managing their financial, supply chain, sales and marketing, and HR data on a single, integrated cloud platform. It will enable LEMO to continuously innovate as new functionality is added on a regular basis. With AI, digital assistants and hundreds of new features regularly added, Oracle Fusion Applications will also ensure that it manages the latest technological advances and best practices.

"The last few years have exacerbated the need for businesses to become agile and make decisions quickly, almost in real time. This will provide LEMO with robust tools to meet evolving service and performance expectations," said Rudi Richter, ALPS Applications Manager at Oracle. "With our innovative cloud technology and strong track record of helping customers achieve optimal business results, Oracle Fusion Applications will enable LEMO to better serve its employees and customers."

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