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RealSprint Delivers Ultra-Low Latency AV1 Video Streaming on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

RealSprint introduces world’s first AV1 ultra-low latency streaming solution, powered by OCI’s highly scalable compute resources and low-cost data egress

Stockholm—March 23, 2023

RealSprint, a major live streaming technology provider in Europe, announces collaboration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to power the world’s first 4K 10-bit HDR live streaming solution. OCI provides RealSprint with scalability, performance, and low network latency, allowing RealSprint to focus on delivering its flagship Vindral service to its end-users. This means broadcasters and viewers can now benefit from better quality and lower latency when streaming videos, which is important for live sports events and in gaming environments.

The Vindral service, which uses the new AV1 codec, has the necessary compute and networking resources from OCI to enable the global consumption of content. RealSprint with the support of OCI aims to deliver high speed live streaming at sub-second latency.

RealSprint selected OCI for its performance, scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, as well as its ability to offer state-of-the-art compute options. These include flexible compute instances with granularly configurable core and memory counts featuring Ampere Altra Arm and AMD EPYC x86 servers. OCI also enables RealSprint to quickly and easily hyperscale the streaming platform to meet new demand from customers wanting zero latency and higher resolution.

“Our clients rely on us to deliver services for data-driven, real-time applications as a foundation for growth. OCI provided us with high performance cloud resources that enable the resilience, high throughput, and broad presence demanded by modern streaming services,” said Daniel Alinder, CEO, RealSprint. “We are running on the AMD E4 Flex Shapes to scale up quickly, which is an important factor when you are working with huge amounts of streaming video. Additionally, Ampere A1 compute shapes were an important factor for the real-time encoding and helped make the proof-of-concept process a success.”

“With our collaboration with RealSprint, OCI is powering a transformed content viewing experience at scale,” said Michael Ritchie, group head of telco, media & gaming, Oracle. “OCI provides the right platform for resource-intensive applications like streaming content at a price that removes barriers for RealSprint to accelerate onboarding more end-users. We are dedicated to creating state-of-the-art video solutions, and we are already delivering the quality of live experience our customers expect in the future in terms of performance.”

AV1 is a royalty-free, open, next-generation video coding format developed by the Alliance for Open Media and backed by major companies including Apple, Cisco, and Google. It is designed to enhance image quality and reduce bitrate compared to H.264, the current go-to codec for live streaming. AV1 delivers reduced traffic costs for RealSprint’s customers.

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