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Optimally Run Oracle Database

The mission-critical Oracle databases that run your business must deliver performance, availability, and security—and do so in a cost-effective way that supports on-premises and cloud deployments.

High Performance

Time is money in more ways than one. Oracle Exadata includes unique capabilities that are coengineered with Oracle Database to help accelerate your business. It enables businesses to process more orders in less time and with lower latency, run more efficiently with faster ERP, and quickly identify and respond to customer trends.

Cost Effective

IT organizations are under constant pressure to do more with less. Oracle Exadata delivers more value for your IT investment than traditional DIY infrastructure. It reduces the cost and complexity of Oracle Database servers and storage, cuts database licensing costs, and dramatically reduces IT operational costs through management automation.

Cloud Flexibility

Cloud is transforming how business gets done. Now you can get superior results today and plan for tomorrow with cloud-proven Oracle Exadata infrastructure that’s available in four consumption models: on premises, cloud at customer, public cloud, and with Oracle Autonomous Database—all optimized for Oracle Database and Oracle software.

Oracle Exadata for Your Role

Lines of Business Managers

Increase the pace of business and innovation with OLTP and analytics that are dramatically faster than other solutions.

  • Faster data processing for all line of business users
  • Greater customer insights and competitive differentiation
  • Faster time to market for new products and services

IT Managers

Leverage unique Oracle Database capabilities to meet SLAs, increase security, and reduce costs.

  • Drive strategic business initiatives with less budget and headcount
  • Deliver performance and availability required by customers and LOBs
  • Simplify IT and database management through high levels of consolidation

Database Managers

Accelerate application and database performance, and simplify administration with unique capabilities and automation.

  • Simplify management, patching, security, maintenance and upgrades
  • Deliver higher performance with persistent memory, automated indexing, and less tuning
  • Reduce unplanned downtime with five-nines availability and zero data loss protection

Oracle Exadata Powers Innovation at Target

300% Performance Increase and 5x Faster Batch Processing

Discover More

Introducing Oracle Exadata X8M

Introducing Oracle Exadata X8M

Oracle EVP Juan Loaiza introduces new Exadata persistent memory and RoCE interconnect features that revolutionize OLTP with up to 2.5X more IOPS and 10X lower latency.

Oracle Announces Oracle Exadata X8: What It Means

Oracle Exadata X8—A Clear Choice Over Self-Provisioning

IDC shares their initial impressions of the Oracle Exadata X8 announcement and why enterprises cannot afford to overlook it.

Oracle Exadata vs. Roll Your Own

AI Transforms Oracle Exadata X8

Understand why Wikibon says that senior executives should regard Exadata X8 and beyond as the default platform for Oracle Database.

Oracle Exadata X8 Reduces the Need for Hadoop and Spark

Oracle Exadata X8 Reduces the Need for Hadoop and Spark

Find out why Ovum believes that using Oracle Exadata to analyze large amounts of enterprise data is more economical than moving it to separate Hadoop and Spark environments.

Oracle Exadata Powers Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Exadata Powers Oracle Autonomous Database

Discover why Constellation Research says Oracle Exadata X8 is the best platform for creating next-gen environments that span on-premises and cloud deployments.

Oracle Exadata vs. Roll Your Own

Oracle Exadata vs. Roll Your Own: Wikibon’s Take

Research by Wikibon shows that roll your own (RYO) infrastructure has 53 percent higher overall costs driven by 3x higher operational costs than Oracle Exadata.

The Business Advantages of Cloud-Adjacent Oracle Databases on Oracle Exadata

The Business Advantages of Cloud-Adjacent Oracle Databases on Oracle Exadata

Gain multicloud integration and meet public cloud mandates while maintaining on-premises levels of speed, scalability, control, security, and availability.

Oracle Exadata Products


Your Business Deserves the Best

Your company uses many types of data so Oracle Exadata optimizes all types of database workloads, from OLTP to in-memory analytics and JSON to geospatial so you get the best performance and can consolidate mixed workloads on a single system.


Exadata On Premises

Achieve extreme OLTP and analytics performance, secure your Oracle Databases, and reduce costs in consolidated database clouds.

Oracle Exadata On Premises

Oracle Gen 2 Exadata Cloud at Customer

Obtain the operational and cost benefits of Oracle’s Exadata public cloud service on premises and behind your firewall.

Oracle Gen 2 Exadata Cloud at Customer

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service

Enjoy the extreme performance of Oracle Exadata and the world’s #1 database with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the public cloud.

Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Database, the world’s first self-driving database, is powered by Oracle Exadata and is the basis of the groundbreaking Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing cloud services.

Oracle Autonomous Database