Oracle Exadata Database Machine—Customer Successes

Customer Success with Oracle Exadata

Communications Customers

Communications is a category that includes Wireless and Land based Telephone, Cable and Service Provider companies.

Sprint Drives IT and Business Gains with Exadata

Hear how Sprint uses Exadata to change the way it runs its business with dramatic improvements in performance, data center savings, storage savings, and support.

Cox Communications Drives OLTP and Analytics

Learn how John Landis, Senior Director at Cox Communications, used Oracle Exadata storage compression features to reduce his storage needs by a factor of 8X.

Tech Mahindra Hosts Key Applications

Ved Prakash, CIO of Tech Mahindra consolidated four systems down to a single Oracle Exadata while at the same time achieving 99.99% uptime.

Safaricom Excels Using Oracle Exadata Telecommunications

Hear how Donald Twesiga saves 50% on storage costs by using Oracle Exadata storage compression, and improves overall productivity at Safaricom.

Cvidya Deploys Oracle Technologies to Support Its Business

(DW, PA, CN*)
Learn how Service Provider Cvidya uses Oracle Exadata to process 400 million CDRs per hour.

Consumer, E-Commerce, and Retail

Consumer, E-Commerce and Retail is a category that includes retail stores, distributors and other Business to Consumer companies.

Radio Systems Gets to Market Fast with Oracle Exadata

Hear Matthew See, Senior Architect at Radio Systems Corporation, describe how Oracle Exadata helped them reduce one of their batch processing jobs from 6 hours to 2 hours, and another from 2 hours to 26 minutes.

Yihaodian Repositions for Rapid Growth

Yihaodian, an online supermarket in China, already a $1B business, needed Oracle Exadata to support growing analytics.

Yihaodian Delivers the Goods: A Personal Story

Yihaodian and its mobile application help connect a family. The data warehouse runs on Oracle Exadata.

Land O’Lakes Lowers TCO, Adds Agility

Land O’Lakes enables innovation and dramatic performance improvements with Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic running JD Edwards.

7-Eleven Goes Mobile with Middleware Platform as a Service

7-Eleven achieves provisioning-on-demand for mobile app on Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata, Enterprise Manager.

Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc Improves Performance on Oracle Exadata

(DW, PA*)
Wm Morrison replaces HP Superdome to get realtime analytics and 20x storage compression from their datawarehouse.

Redcats Improves Performance 6x on Oracle Exadata

Redcats replaces IBM P7 and improves customer offers and transactions consolidating OLTP and data warehouse workloads.

Procter & Gamble Drives 30x Performance Gains with Oracle Exadata

(DW, CN*)
Oracle Exadata provides a break through business model for Procter & Gamble, where in one instance reduce query times from 20 hours to 3 minutes.

Nintendo Uses High-Performance Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata

(PA, CN*)
Nintendo is ‘all-in’ with Oracle including ATG, EBS, Demantra, Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic.

Garmin International Inc.

Garmin International Inc. Improves Database Performance Up to 50% by Consolidating onto Hardware and Software That’s Engineered to Work Together

"Oracle Exadata helped us meet our challenges by enabling us to consolidate onto a single footprint..."

—Ed Link, Vice President, Information Technology, Garmin International Inc.

Financial Services

Financial Services is a category of Retail, Commercial, Investment, and Securities Banks and other financial institutions.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Consolidates on Oracle Exadata

Jason Reinhardt, Executive Manager, Development DBS at Commonwealth Bank of Austrailia, discusses their Oracle as a Service, deploying 300 databases across the bank.

HDFC Bank Experiences 10x Faster Provisioning with Database Cloud

Nilanjay Bhattacharjee, Vice President at HDFC Bank, discusses how Oracle Exadata with Database Cloud saves HDFC Bank time and money.

Joel Borellis Discusses Oracle Exadata in Financial Services

Martin Painer, Practice Director at Enkitec, discusses how Oracle Exadata and Big Data are transforming the financial services industry.

BNP Paribas Improves Performance by 17x with Oracle Exadata

Jim Duffy, Sr. Data Warehouse Architect for BNP Paribas, discusses the incredible performance increase with their Oracle Exadata solution.

Reliance Commercial Finance Boosts Performance, Agility

(DW, CN*)
Hear Shashi Kumar Ravulapaty discuss how Oracle Exadata helped Reliance Commercial Finance decrease a batch job from over 11 hours down to 62 minutes.

PayPal Online Transaction Processing System
Petabyte Scale OLTP with PayPal on Oracle Exadata

Learn from Nat Natarajan, VP Technology Operations how PayPal increased their performance by 10X, got their availability up to 100% and went from pilot to production in 60 days.

Manufacturing, Transportation, and Energy

Manufacturing, Transportation and Energy is a category that includes manufacturers, transporters and logistics companies as well as oil, gas, and other energy providers.

Overhead Door Deploys DBaaS Cloud Solution

Hear from Preston Bowen, SVP at Overhead Door, on how the scalability of their Oracle Exadata system allows them to meet their future growth needs.

ADNOC Distribution Run Multiple Solutions on Oracle Exadata

Learn how ADNOC has been able to increase their daily transactions from the thousands to multiple millions after installing their Oracle Exadata system.

Oracle Exadata: Technology at the Heart of Business—WestJet Air

James Callaghan, CTO of WestJet, discusses the key online reservation application running on Oracle Exadata that drives the company’s $2B per year revenue.

Asiana Airlines Integrates Systems with Oracle Exadata

Asiana choose Oracle Exadata because it delivered performance that was 80 times better than other systems. It was able to reduce their key corporate application run time from 14 hours to 4 hours.

Alpha Natural Resources Gains 10x Performance Improvement

Hear how Saul Hernandez, CIO of Alpha Natural Resources improved performance 10x and also implemented a disaster recovery and business continuity solution on Oracle Exadata.

Public Sector and Education

Public Sector and Education is a category that includes Governmental agencies, Universities and other institutions.

NTU Launches E-Learning on Oracle Exadata

Hear how Daniel Tan at Nanyand Technological University uses Oracle Exadata for E-Learning coursework that serves over 32 Million page views a week.

University of Melbourne Improves Teaching, Learning, and Research

Sendur Kathir, CIO of University of Melbourne, uses E-Business Suite on Oracle Exadata to streamline their University administration so that they are able to spend more on their academic areas of focus.

Oracle Exadata Gives Salzburg University Performance Boost

(DW, CN*)
Florin Guma, CIO of University of Salzburg, runs all student registration on Oracle Exadata and has achieved a 3X performance improvement over the previous system.

University of Melbourne Uses Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic

Niranjan Prabhu, Director of Enterprise Solutions at the University of Melbourne, has deployed 80% of the university’s application stack on scalable Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic engineered systems.

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Deploys Oracle Exadata Cloud Solutions

(DW, OLTP, CN, PA, DBaaS*)
For the University of Minnesota, providing DBaaS also means that the university’s departments can create and deploy solutions much faster than in the past, which means that “checking into” the university’s database hotel doesn’t take a lot of time.

Services and High Tech

Services and High Tech is a category that includes Semiconductor and other Technology companies as well as Travel and other service related companies.

Drive Business Value and IT Savings with Oracle Exadata

Mick Atton, Chief Architect at Thompson Reuters, discusses how Oracle Exadata systems helped them reduce processing times from days to hours.

Media24 Gains Extreme Performance on Oracle Exadata Platform

Batch processing jobs decreased from 4-6 hours to 10 mins, and OLTP processing that used to range from an unpredictable one to four hours now gets processed in half an hour, says Werner Adams, Technical Architect at Media 24.

Alliance Data Drives Scalable Performance on Oracle Exadata Marketing Solutions

Hear how Collin Harrison, VP Finance at Alliance Data, has achieved performance increases of up to 90% with their Oracle Exadata.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Increases Performance with Oracle

Kirk Kamm, IT Manager at Carlson Wagonlit Travel, found that Oracle Exadata decreased their Data Warehouse query times from hours down to minutes, and from minutes down to just seconds.

IQNavigator Inc.

IQNavigator Inc. Invests in Oracle Exadata Database Machine to Power Next-Generation of Its Services Procurement and Extended Workforce Solutions

"As the IQNavigator service and data products continue to grow exponentially, the performance delivered by Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 is key to supporting the always-on, real-time reporting environment that clients rely on around the world."

—John F. Martin, Chief Operating Officer, IQNavigator Inc.

* Workload Key: DW = Data Warehouse; OLTP = Online Transaction Processing; PA = Packaged Applications; CN = Consolidation; DBaaS = Database as a Service

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