Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X5-2

Satisfy the Big Data Requirements of the Largest Mission-Critical Databases

Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X5-2 enables you to grow the storage capacity and bandwidth of Oracle Exadata Database Machines and Oracle SuperCluster. It is designed for database deployments that require very large amounts of data, including historical or archived data, backups and archives of Oracle Exadata Database Machine data, document, images, file and XML data, LOBs, and other large unstructured data.

  • Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X5-2

    Easily expand Oracle Exadata and Oracle SuperCluster storage capacity and bandwidth.

  • Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X5-2

    Choose from quarter, half, and full rack configurations.

  • Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X5-2

    Connect directly via InfiniBand fabric.

Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X5-2 Overview
  • Easily expand storage capacity and bandwidth
  • Connect directly to Oracle Exadata via InfiniBand fabric
  • Choose from 4 to 19 storage server configurations
  • Protect against downtime with built-in redundancy
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Customer Success Stories
Commonwealth Bank Realized High Availability at Low Cost with Oracle Exadata

We have a validated run-rate of at least 50% in savings in terms of the alternate option to deploy a normal hardware stack for business solutions. (2:11)

-- Nicolas Tan, head of Infrastructure and Platform Solutions, Commonwealth Bank, Australia
Customer Success Stories
Perusahaan Listrik Negara Improves Customer Service Reporting Payment Updates Every 15 Minutes Instead of Once Daily
Oracle Exadata Database Machine offers the most stable database engine on the market, and it was the only solution we considered capable of providing a high performing environment to deliver efficient billing and account management services to our 51 million customers. It accelerated our data processing speed, improved customer service, and enhanced management decision-making.
-- Murtaqi Syamsuddin, Planning and Affiliate Director PT. PLN (Persero)
Customer Success Stories
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Avoids Nearly US$2 Million in Technology Expenses, Boosts System Performance with Engineered System
Oracle Exadata presented an ideal solution for our critical inmate, juvenile, and parolee data and management systems. We achieved significant performance gains—including the ability to run reports up to 70% faster—and ensured system redundancy. We also consolidated servers, reduced the number of Oracle licenses needed for legacy applications, and transferred those licenses to another initiative, reducing costs as well as avoiding the need to purchase an additional US$1.5 million in technology licenses.
-- Joe Panora, Director, Enterprise Information Services, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

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