Oracle SuperCluster T5-8—Features

Engineered for Performance and Efficiency

Provides a complete engineered system that’s ideal for the consolidation of Oracle Databases and applications as well as private cloud deployments. Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 delivers extreme performance, highest availability, and efficiency and eliminates the risks of build-it-yourself architectures.

  • Oracle SuperCluster T5-8

    Extreme performance: Oracle SuperCluster is Oracle's most powerful Oracle Database Machine and also Oracle's most powerful Oracle database and application consolidation platform.

  • Oracle SuperCluster T5-8

    Highest availability — No single point of failure and zero downtime maintenance for enterprise-critical databases and applications.

  • Oracle SuperCluster T5-8

    Highest efficiency — Up to 10x database compression, 3x less administrative overhead and 5x faster deployment than build-it-yourself systems.



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