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People holding up a giant flashlight shining into the sky

Ask anything. Risk nothing.

Expand your horizons, plan your digital future, and gain practical recommendations for your ever-evolving cloud strategy.

During this lively and interactive two-hour virtual workshop, industry experts from Oracle’s Transformation team will leverage their proprietary Cloud Evolution Framework to help you visualize and accelerate your path to cloud no matter where you are in your journey today.

After the workshop, you will receive a customized assessment with actionable next steps to enable your future-state cloud strategy.

Welcome to your cloud evolution.



No risk. No cost. Real results. Book your zero-cost Hello workshop today.


How Does a Hello Workshop Facilitate Your Cloud Evolution?

Our zero-cost Hello workshop leverages our signature approach: The Cloud Evolution Framework. Cloud strategy experts help define your business needs, establish your foundational plan, innovate for growth, empower decisions through insights, and enable you to be the champion of your enterprise’s future success.

Topics for your zero-cost Hello workshop


Think big

Conceptualize with “art of the possible” and think of new use cases and experiences that you may not have considered.


Focus on the business

Align your cloud strategy to specific business outcomes and actual use cases.


Get a point of view

Build custom hypotheses and a point-of-view for your multi-cloud strategy.


Get a cloud evolution action plan

Receive a personalized cloud evolution assessment with recommended next steps.


Learn from success

Gain perspectives from real-life industry success stories that will to help guide your cloud decision-making.


Start on Oracle Cloud, free tier

Maximize your relationship with Oracle no matter where you are in the journey.

Transforming your cloud strategy

Interactive Digital Guide

Unlock your potential with the cloud evolution framework

Open this interactive digital guide to gain a deeper understanding of key elements of the cloud evolution framework– think, prepare, create, learn, and iterate. The cloud evolution framework is used in Hello workshops to help open your mind to new ideas of the future while ensuring your success today.

Customer Success Stories

KEMET's move to Oracle Cloud lays the foundation for data center transformation

"We had a true partner in Oracle Consulting who took care of the heavy lifting so our internal team could focus on our business solutions.

The big story is performance. When we ran our Oracle workloads on OCI, we saw a 50% performance improvement versus running them on third-party clouds. Our cost savings were also compelling: moving to OCI compared to replacing our current on-premise solution was easily 50% less over five years."

Chris Hall, Vice President of Global IT, KEMET

Rotary modernizes its humanitarian mission with Oracle Cloud

“Through our partnership with Oracle Consulting and the successful migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we’ve reduced our backlog by 30 percent in only six months. Rather than fixing performance and login issues, my team is now building new products, working on the global user experience, and focusing on what really matters --- helping to make the world a better place.”

Faiz Hanif, CIO, Rotary International


Hear from the experts


Tri-modal IT and your cloud evolution—a conversation with Dave Vellante from theCUBE and Stephanie Trunzo

You’ve heard of bi-modal IT with systems of records and systems of interaction…but what about the data? Oracle’s Transformation team is taking a tri-modal approach, which also includes your systems of intelligence. We’re using AI, ML, and advanced analytics to empower your enterprise and leveraging the Cloud Evolution Framework as a step-by-step guide to help you realize value faster with your multi-cloud strategy, no matter where (or when) you are in your journey today.

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Build, test, and deploy applications on Oracle Cloud—for free.