Packsys automates complex processes in the cloud

Using Oracle Cloud ERP and SCM, the Mexican packaging company streamlines its invoicing to improve accuracy and delivery times.


Oracle Cloud SCM has given us a lot of visibility into each part of the invoicing process so we can analyze each step and make specific improvements.

Patricia SanchezCIO, Packsys

Business challenges

Packsys, a provider of high-quality, sustainable packaging products and services for a variety of industries, had a complex sales invoicing process. The manual process not only introduced a high risk of human error, but also led to shipment delays. The company wanted to automate that process and gain more detailed insights into sales and site-specific customer requirements.

Why Packsys chose Oracle

Packsys wanted to adopt cloud-based supply chain and finance applications that would meet the company’s needs for years to come. It chose Oracle because of its long-term viability and the fact that it’s constantly updating its cloud applications with new capabilities and efficiencies.


With Oracle Cloud SCM and Oracle Cloud ERP, Packsys shortened the time it takes to give a customer a price for an order from 8 hours to 10 minutes or less. The company also dramatically improved the accuracy of its invoices by automating the complex pricing process, going from three to five mistakes per day to—at most—a few per month.

Because the system is so much more automated, Packsys has cut in half the number of employees focused on invoicing, shifting the others to more value-add activities. Senior managers now have visibility into the complete order process so they can identify areas for improvement. Today, Packsys is able to promise delivery of its packaging products within 48 hours, and about 95% of orders go out within 24 hours.

Packsys also implemented the Oracle Cloud HCM training module, shortening the time required to train invoicing specialists from six to nine months down to a single week.

Publicado:May 16, 2020