WebContinental grows faster and safer with Oracle Commerce

WebContinental is an online retail channel for Grupo Infoar, a leading Brazilian retailer. To support massive growth, the company needed a more robust and intuitive platform.


We needed a robust and scalable platform that would keep pace with our fast growth and improve our customers’ online shopping experience. Oracle Commerce Cloud was the perfect solution: it accelerated the product cataloging process, increased the conversion rate for mobile devices by 50%, and provides an always up-to-date system.

Douglas MeloEcommerce Manager, WebContinental

Desafíos empresariales

  • Replace WebContinental’s ecommerce platform with a more robust and scalable one to support the company’s massive growth
  • Avoid drastic drops on the website’s performance on days with increased traffic, such as the week of Black Friday, when the number of clicks is 10x more than on a typical week
  • Accelerate product cataloging process to meet partners’ deadlines 
  • Facilitate site browsing and online purchases on mobile devices
  • Expedite minor adjustments on the website, while improving the customer experience (CX)

The implementation was a successful teamwork example. It ran within the scheduled setup and we had great support from Oracle.

Douglas MeloEcommerce Manager, WebContinental

Why WebContinental chose Oracle

"We were looking for a solution that would make us comfortable on our growth path, and evaluated various options, such as SAP Hybris and VTEX. But none of them offered as much support as Oracle. We have talked to Oracle personnel worldwide about our needs, and that engagement made the company’s credibility clear, which was decisive in our choice."

—Douglas Melo, Ecommerce Manager, WebContinental


  • Deployed Oracle Commerce, a robust, scalable, and secure platform that supports the company’s quick expansion
  • Increased mobile conversion rate by 50%—the new mobile-friendly ecommerce platform simplifies customers’ shopping experience regardless of the device used 
  • Expedited changes and adjustments to the ecommerce website that aim to improve usability and users’ experience, since changes are now made directly on the platform and take only minutes. In the past, WebContinental’s technicians had to contact the vendor’s support service for any updates, which significantly slowed internal processes
  • Provided the company’s development team more agility and independence, increasing WebContinental’s website dynamics
  • Improved the staff’s workflow due to Oracle Commerce’s customizable, out-of-the-box responsive storefront model, which helps expedite products’ cataloging process and saves staff time, especially as the company’s inventory increases massively, from 5,000 to almost 100,000 products within the next few months
  • Ensured that the company will always be using the platform’s most up-to-date version, consistent with the best market practices, since Oracle performs regular, automatic solution updates 
  • Eased the creation of promotional campaigns, which can now be handled by business team members. Thanks to Oracle Commerce, these tasks are simplified and do not require advanced technical knowledge to be handled
  • Eliminated two physical servers, since Oracle’s commerce cloud product better accommodates the company’s increased demands


“We already had a close relationship with WebGlobal, and we wanted them to be part of the business. So they became an Oracle partner after we decided to implement the Oracle Commerce Cloud.” 
Douglas Melo, Ecommerce Manager, WebContinental
Publicado:January 1, 2018