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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter?

The Markies welcome any professional or organization that is focused on delivering top-notch customer experiences and can demonstrate results from marketing, commerce sales, or service initiatives.

Are the 2020 Markies only open to marketers in North America?

Not at all. The Markie Awards are a global program.

I thought the Markie Awards were only open to Oracle Eloqua customers?

The Markie Awards began as an Eloqua customer awards program, but as we’ve evolved over the years, we’ve broadened to include all marketers as well as customer experience professionals in sales, service, and commerce.

If I cannot attend the awards ceremony can I still enter? Can I still win?

Prioritizing the health and safety of our attendees, there will be no Markie Awards ceremony in 2020. We will announce the winners on August 4 on the Markies page.

How many finalists will be announced in each category?

We expect a volume of high-quality submissions, so we’ll announce four finalists per category. All finalists will receive a crystal plaque to honor their achievement during the Markies gala (or we’ll mail it afterward to those who were unable to attend). Please note that no single company will be selected as a finalist or winner in more than three categories.

Can I enter more than one category?

Absolutely. However, we ask that you enter any specific campaign into only one category. If the judging panel thinks your submission is miscategorized, we’ll reach out to let you know that it is being moved into a new category.

Can I enter an older campaign that started two years ago?

Please limit entries to include only campaigns executed and results attained within the last year.

I want to enter in a category from last year, but I don’t see it on this year’s list of categories. Can I still enter in this category?

To keep the Markie Awards fresh and relevant, we revamp our list of categories each year. For this reason, we will only consider submissions for the categories listed for 2020.

What makes a winning entry?

It varies by category, but overall, our judges get excited about entries that demonstrate robust, measurable results. The strongest contenders call out specific metrics and include charts, graphs and other visuals to illustrate performance. Keep in mind that we’re interested in substance over size. If you can find a way to distill the most important facts for the judges in a concise three-page entry, rather than a rambling 20-page submission, your story may be even more compelling.