Oracle Solutions for  Information Technology

Oracle Solutions for Information Technology

Transforming Clinical R&D

From pipeline to patient, our R&D solutions maximize efficiencies and reduce overall costs.

Information Technology

Automated Operational Support
Automated Operational Support icon Automated Operational Support

Can you meet business needs for effective, scalable, and secure clinical and safety cloud solutions?

With access to a secure, scalable, vertical cloud platform, you can embrace a network of integrated partners serving the entire clinical R&D lifecycle.

Continuous Technology Evolution
Continuous Technology Evolution icon Continuous Technology Evolution

Is your current vendor lineup and solution set future-proofed against rapid industry upheaval?

By investing in a vendor that is committed to continuous evolution and to an ever-expanding partner ecosystem,you can meet trial data challenges today and tomorrow.

Minimize Risk of Business Disruption
Minimize Risk of Business Disruption icon Minimize Risk of Business Disruption

Are you exposed to increased vendor risks, including lone hosting and poor security controls?

By using solutions with the latest security best practices, governance, and process controls you can maintain deep and broad security practices.

Cloud Based Updating
Cloud Based Updating icon Cloud Based Updating

Are you burdened by legacy clinical and safety systems?

By using a cloud service based in multiple Oracle-owned hosting centers, you can be sure of secure redundancy, continuous solution updating, and the most current safety measures.

Higher Productivity, Better Utilization
Higher Productivity, Better Utilization icon Higher Productivity, Better Utilization

Is staff time consumed by low-value tasks, like building and generating reports for business?

With a broadly-integrated, clinical R&D cloud platform and tools to manage big data, you can achieve greater efficiencies, improve productivity, and increase margins.

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