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Deliver Touchless Payments and Key Access for Your Business

Enable your hotel business with integrations from the market-leading cashless and mobile-enabled key entry for guests.

The new next in Hospitality Partners

3C logo

We enable secure EMV payments anyhow, anywhere.

adyen logo

Experience the all-in-one payments platform that grows your business from day one.

Airpay logo

A platform that enables 360 degrees payment management for enterprises.

Concardis logo

Complete service for cashless and digital payment.

Currency Select
Currency Select logo

Card payment and cross-border processing solutions.

Eigen logo

Quick tap and go payments with your POS.

Elavon logo

Security and flexibility for today's evolving restaurant and hospitality payment environments.

First Data Asia-Pacific
First Data Asia-Pacific logo

Full range of efficient, in-house and outsourced payment solutions.

Freedompay logo

Payments system to grow revenue at the point of sale.

HRS logo

Payment and billing processes in the hotel industry.

innovacx logo

A credit card and debit card payment gateway between the hotel and the bank.

iveri logo

Multichannel transaction technology solutions.

Merchant Link
Merchant Link logo

Free, contactless payment options.

Network International
Network International logo

International payment solutions.

Pine Labs
Pine Labs logo

Accept multiple payment options with ease.

PXP logo

One single solution to support all your payment needs.

Q3 logo

Provide secured payment solutions across multiple channels and geographies.

SagePay logo

Whether you're accepting payments over the phone, online, or in person, we've got a range of solutions to fit your needs.

Shift4 logo

Free, contactless payment options.

SiPay logo

Configuration of payment methods for online, mobile, and POS channels.

Tenerum logo

Focused on improving merchant’s payment processing solutions through meaningful innovation.

WindCave logo

Windcave provides innovative, end-to-end payment solutions, ensuring your transactions are safe, smooth, and secure.

Salto Systems
Salto Systems logo

Electronic locking solutions for hospitality.

Dorma Kaba
Dorma Kaba logo

A comfortable future: Integrated access solutions for hospitality.

CISA logo

The electronic lock that installs in three minutes, which you can remotely control with your smartphone.

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