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Hospitality Human Capital Management

As hotels reopen and occupancy rises, pressure mounts to recruit, onboard, and retain top talent. Employ innovative tools to recruit, assign, train, and manage personnel, giving your hospitality workforce the exceptional HR service that aligns with your brand values.

How the employee experience impacts your brand.

How are hospitality customers transforming human capital management?

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Make your people priority #1

Find candidates that reflect your brand values and recruit faster

Create simple, friendly experiences for candidates to apply for jobs. Use digital assistants to instantly answer their questions. Accelerate hiring with AI-based processes and self-scheduled interviews.

Explore recruiting solutions

Make onboarding new hotel staff fast and easy

Give new hotel staff an easy-to-follow onboarding process they can complete from any device.

Explore onboarding solutions

Focus on guests, not on time tracking and work scheduling

Efficiently monitor staff hours while validating time entries and applying hotel payroll rules. Build flexible schedules that accommodate employees and account for holiday surges and times of high occupancy.

Boost productivity with digital assistants, SMS, and social

Allow staff to ask HR questions in their own words via text or speech and answer them without human intervention. Let staff submit help requests through multiple channels and track cases to closure.

Learn how Oracle Journeys drives a better enterprise employee experience.

Make your hospitality workforce more agile

Respond to changes with adaptive staffing

Create flexible workforce plans that can accommodate changing demand. Model a variety of scenarios and understand the impact of staffing decisions.

Explore strategic workforce planning solutions (PDF)

Train staff efficiently with role-based learning paths

Enhance learning with job-specific training. Create personalized to-do lists to ensure hotel staff complete HR tasks and training on-time.

Preparing staff to return to work? OPERA Digital Learning is just a click away

Deanne Wofford, Digital Learning Manager, Oracle

For hoteliers dealing with staffing shakeups, there are few priorities, if any, that are more important than prepping employees for their return to work. From mastering property management systems to addressing new guest demands, proper training is key to delivering exceptional experiences that’ll win back business.

Find resources and more

Find resources to navigate the challenges and opportunities that change will bring.

Access partners, services, and integrations to meet new trends and changing business needs.

Dive into webcasts and podcasts for the latest marketplace trends, new products, and tips and tricks to get the most from Oracle solutions.

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