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Oracle Health Sciences Connect— Europe

31 March 2021 | 8:30 AM CET

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Why attend Oracle Health Sciences Connect?

With programs specifically developed for Oracle’s regional customer communities, this multifaceted event provides compelling sessions led by Oracle customers and industry thought leaders.

Meet with your peers and gain perspective on industry trends from leading experts on artificial intelligence, cloud-based research, innovative study-site selection/activation/analytics, and additional advances that are transforming and streamlining clinical development.


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The Forces of Change: From Passenger to Driver’s Seat

Has the global pandemic disrupted our journey or cleared the path for us in advancing clinical research? Hear from Oracle Health Sciences SVP and General Manager, Henry McNamara, as he explores the answer to this question.

  • Henry Mcnamara

    Oracle Health Sciences SVP & GM

Coronavirus (COVID 19): MHRA and Industry Discussion

Clinical One/Safety One Roadmap/Update

This session will provide an update on both Clinical One and Safety One from both a usage and directional viewpoint. A review of the roadmap and new innovation in both platforms will be covered along with the latest breakthrough on how the One platform is rethinking how to run clinical trials.

The Importance of the Unified Platform

This session will review the differences between a unified platform and an integrated eClinical platform in detail and why a unified platform brings greater quality and innovation to both the front end and back end office.

End-to-End Data: Moving from Flow to Unification

This session will showcase the benefits of a unified approach for managing and streamlining your data.


Orchestrating the Data Flow for Unified eClinical Analytics

Exploring real-time data flows from all systems providing data sources for each study and modern technologies to deliver Unified eClinical Analytics to do away with traditional silo’d analysis views of the Data Sources.

The Safety One Evolution

Hear our latest strategy to evolve our suite of safety products (Argus, Empirica, and Safety One Intake) to modernize the industry-leading safety applications and bring them closer to Clinical One to form one source of truth across clinical and safety.

Pharma Review: Patient Centricity and Decentralized Trials

Examining Sponsor and CRO Collaboration with Site Analyze Insight

CSL will present on the strategy and value of collaborative reporting and activities to eliminate bottlenecks in the site activation process.

Oracle Study Startup: Revolutionizing Study Planning with Machine Learning

This session will spotlight key features of machine learning that are driving effective study planning.

What's Important in Next Generation Clinical Trial Management

Panel session discussing next generation Clinical Trial Management needs and how sponsors and CROs can collaborate on trial management and oversight within the same platform, eliminating data redundancy, integrations and status reporting needs.

Explore Oracle Health Sciences solutions and resources.