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Mobile app optimization and personalization

Execute consistent, cross-channel optimization. Create, edit, and launch campaigns for mobile using a single interface for every device. With Oracle Maxymiser, marketers can rapidly deploy consistent and complimentary experiences across every channel, including test campaigns to desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Accelerate campaign deployment for mobile apps. Get in front of mobile users—at a faster pace. Keep up with the latest trends. Oracle Maxymiser helps eliminate normal delays and unnecessary approvals and resubmissions from app stores by ensuring that app campaigns can be created, edited, and launched in real time for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Align mobile strategies. Use best-in-class statistical models to discover winning mobile experiences that will engage every user. Access Oracle Maxymiser’s reporting hub to analyze advanced insights to align key metrics to mobile strategy—all while deploying personalized customer experiences to mobile app users.


Connect your DMP with testing and optimization

  • Connect to any data: Easily connect to first-, second- and third-party data for testing, personalization, and optimization initiatives.
  • Seamless integration: Oracle Maxymiser and data management platform integration allow marketers to deliver more personalized online experiences to any audience.
  • Personalize any experience: Leverage a unified stream of user data to optimize your websites and apps.
Connect your DMP with testing and optimization

Visually create campaigns for mobile apps

  • Extend testing to mobile apps: Extend A/B and multivariate testing to iOS apps as easily as you would for your website.
  • Intuitive visual editor: Create, edit, and publish campaigns for app users without relying on technical resources.
  • No app store approvals or resubmissions needed: Quickly develop and drive a more optimized and consistent cross-channel experience as visitors move between devices.
Visually create campaigns for mobile apps

Take report insights and put them into action immediately

  • Predictive insights:  Provide the answers to how personalization efforts are generating new opportunities.
  • Increase ROI: Leverage native Maxymiser reporting algorithms that provide detailed insights into website campaign performance and visitor conversions.
  • Statistics for the real world: Leverage your data to gain rational insights that can be transformed into tactical decisions to accelerate your business.
Take report insights and put them into action immediately

Eliminate guesswork with data-driven, predictive personalization

  • Powerful, easy-to-use reports: Access interactive, intuitive reports to analyze campaign results.
  • Insight-driven campaign analysis: Use advanced in-depth filter options to slice and dice results down to segments within segments.
  • Access live user reports: Easily access campaign reports—at any time. Filter options let users continue building reports from where they left off and complete their analysis.
Eliminate guesswork with data-driven, predictive personalization

Deliver exceptional mobile experiences

How does Oracle Maxymiser help marketers deliver exceptional mobile experiences?
Grounded in data accuracy and facilitated by ease of use, Oracle Maxymiser’s mobile app capabilities helps organizations quickly deploy cross-channel experiences, accelerate campaign deployment, and align mobile strategies—ultimately driving personalization and mobile engagement.

Oracle Maxymiser


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