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Oracle U.S. Government Cloud Customers Accelerate Sovereign AI with NVIDIA AI Enterprise

NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster enables government organizations to quickly build and deploy scalable and secure deep learning workloads

Austin, TexasApril 25, 2024
NVIDIA AI Enterprise

Oracle today announced that NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster is now available in the Oracle U.S. Government Cloud region to help address sovereign AI. Building on the expansion of their partnership, Oracle and NVIDIA are helping U.S. government customers train and deploy AI solutions with access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s 100+ services, including its generative AI services running on high-performance accelerators, including NVIDIA H100 and NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, as well as ultra-low-latency networking, and secure storage.

Governments must meet stringent security, digital sovereignty, and compliance requirements when developing, deploying, and operating their enterprise AI stack. To help customers address these challenges and take advantage of the latest developments in AI, NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster is built from the ground up to meet security and sovereign AI requirements and provides the best of NVIDIA software and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure AI infrastructure in a unified solution.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise is an end-to-end, cloud-native software platform that accelerates and streamlines the development and deployment of production-grade AI applications. Government cloud customers can utilize NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster for both the training and inferencing of models. Included in NVIDIA AI Enterprise is NVIDIA NIM, a set of optimized, cloud-native inference microservices designed to simplify deployment of generative AI models. NVIDIA NeMo, also accessible through NVIDIA AI Enterprise, provides customers with training and inferencing frameworks, as well as data curation tools. These microservices, models, and frameworks can be used by governments for tasks such as semantic search, document understanding, clustering, and content summarization. With the security and scalability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, organizations can scale and deploy sensitive enterprise AI workloads in a controlled and dedicated environment.

“Government agencies previously faced limitations in deploying their AI initiatives,” said Rand Waldron, vice president, Global Government Sector, Oracle. “With NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster in our government cloud regions, we lead the charge in sovereign AI adoption and innovation without compromising security.”

“Sovereign AI can be a transformative force for governments seeking innovation through generative AI while also maintaining strict security and compliance,” said Ian Buck, vice president, Hyperscale and HPC Computing, NVIDIA. “With NVIDIA AI Enterprise software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, developers can use a full-stack accelerated computing platform to develop proprietary, secure AI applications that help improve operations and the lives of citizens they serve.”

With NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster, government customers can:

  • Leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster that uses NVIDIA A100 and NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs to build next-generation AI models.
  • Access cloud hardware and networking that can sustain the bandwidth required by large language model training with ultra-low-latency RDMA cluster networks.
  • Utilize best-in-class development tools, frameworks, and pretrained models for AI practitioners, and reliable management and orchestration for IT professionals to help ensure performance, high availability, and security.
  • Protect against external security threats with workloads deployed in Oracle Government Cloud regions that are isolated and operated separately from commercial public cloud regions.
  • Secure their cloud tenancy with a comprehensive set of simple, prescriptive, and integrated security capabilities, including data encryption and identity management.
  • Adopt a zero trust security model.

Oracle Government Cloud is part of Oracle’s distributed cloud strategy, which offers customers all the advantages of cloud with greater control over operations, location, and security to support digital sovereignty.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster can be accessed via private offers through the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.


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