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Project Awards

With Oracle for Research Project Awards, you can access additional Oracle Cloud credits, computational resources, and hands-on technology consultations, and get help promoting your work.

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Our Project Award recipients come from various universities and institutions, including...

Access resources to propel your research

Oracle Cloud credits

Supercharge your computational power with on-demand cloud services, storage, and other technologies of your choosing, including AI, database services, high performance computing, and more.

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Hands-on technical consultations

Our dedicated solutions architects are here to help you set up your tenancy.

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In addition to Project Awards, researchers can also...

Contribute to Oracle Open Data

With this free, no-login-required web app, you can connect with the leading scientific databases and contribute your own data to the scientific community.

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Apply for Oracle for Research Fellowship

Receive direct research funding for computational methods in any discipline. Through this program, Oracle grants hundreds of thousands of dollars (along with other benefits) to advance outstanding research projects.

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Accelerating research and the journey of discovery worldwide

Alison Derbenwick Miller, Vice President, Oracle for Research

The leader of Oracle's research program shares some valuable insights into what’s next for research and how we continue to drive tangible results that will help solve researchers’ problems.

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Oracle for Research Project Awards

Support your research with computational resources, Oracle Cloud credits, technology consultations, and promotional and publishing assistance.

Oracle Open Data

Expedite your research with instant access to datasets from trusted institutions, and contribute your own datasets for other users to learn from.

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