Data in Action: A Blueprint to Fuel Transformation

February 9, 2022 | Original broadcast

Watch the individual sessions from the February 9 broadcast

CDO Perspective: Data in Action – NatWest (16:50)

Elaine Priest, head of data transformation for NatWest joins Jae Evans to talk about data and analytics as a strategic component in driving business transformation. Learn how they approach challenges in leveraging data analytics as a strategic asset, governing use and fostering enterprise scale adoption.

Creating a Blueprint for Transformation with Data (16:17)

Oracle executives T.K. Anand and Greg Pavlik, in a conversation with former Gartner analyst James Richardson, share thoughts on the evolution of data and analytics, along with examples and strategies on how to make impactful changes to your business.

CTO Perspective: Data Transforms the Sport of Sailing (21:40 - extended interview)

SailGP’s CTO Warren Jones joins Oracle’s Edwin Upson to talk about how his organization leveraged data and analytics to transform competitive sailing and offers advice on how you can apply these learnings to your business.

Session Summary

Download a summary of the key themes, success factors, and questions.