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Xerox duplicates success with new innovation businesses

Thursday, January 20, 2022 | Original broadcast

Xerox chooses Oracle Cloud technology and apps to fuel 3D printing, industrial Internet of Things, and clean tech to reduce atmospheric carbon.

For more than 100 years, Xerox has been redefining the workplace experience. Today, the company continues the quest for innovative breakthroughs to deliver solutions to 21st century disruptions like supply chain complexities, aging physical infrastructure, and climate change with the launch of three new businesses focused on:

  • AI-assisted customer service experiences
  • Industrial-grade Internet of Things
  • Clean-tech to reduce atmospheric carbon

With no legacy on-premise solutions in place, Xerox saw advantage in launching these new businesses as Cloud natives. Time-to-value and elegant customer experiences for monetizing innovation was key. To bring new products and services to Xerox customers, the company chose Oracle Cloud as the foundation for its built-in connectors to essential front and back office applications and seamless visibility of critical data to scale at speed.

Oracle put together a strategy, enabling architecture, and the roadmaps to help us accelerate and execute fairly rapidly.

Naresh Shanker Chief Technology Officer, Xerox

Having full visibility to the performance of these “start up” businesses within the greater Xerox ecosystem is essential for their employee and customer experiences. Xerox needed to launch these businesses as digital natives to maximize time to value. Learn how Oracle delivers a digital foundation to help Xerox

  • Bring critical business apps online in just weeks or months
  • Deliver a modern, digital customer experience
  • Focus on business value while Oracle handles technical details

Join Xerox CTO Naresh Shanker to learn how Oracle Cloud is the foundation for launching new opportunities for the company.

Featured speakers

Naresh Shanker
Naresh Shanker Chief Technology Officer, Xerox

Naresh Shanker is chief technology officer at Xerox and head of Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) Labs, the innovation business developing disruptive technologies that Xerox will productize and commercialize. He joined the company in January 2019 as the chief digital officer and an executive committee member. He has more than 25 years of technology experience from diverse industries.