Oracle Analytics Summit

The OA Summit is back with a new series in 2021! Register here to see how this unstoppable community is using Oracle Analytics to see data in new ways and unlock endless possibilities.

Upcoming Oracle Analytics Summit Series - Registration will be opening soon, please bookmark this page and check back soon!

Next up! The Oracle Analytics Summit 2022

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OA Summit 2022

June 2022, in person (we hope)

Mark your calendars! The unstoppable community of analytics leaders is bigger and better than ever, and we’re getting together at the OA Summit to share success stories, see best practices in action, and hear Oracle SVP T.K. Anand’s vision for the future. Customer and partner insights will be front and center, as well as demos, technical content, and hands-on sessions from OA product experts. We can’t wait to see you there!

Watch the replays

Episode 2: Connect Your Enterprise with AI-Driven Analytics

Episode 1: Thrive with Oracle Analytics: OA Summit Series

Watch to hear how customers, partners and Oracle SVP T.K Anand and VP Joey Fitts discuss how customers are thriving.