Personalized Marketing in the Experience Economy

August 6, 2020

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Whether you market to consumers or businesses, personalized experiences based on data can produce loyal customers. Learn how marketing innovations from Oracle can help B2B and B2C companies evolve to meet rising customer expectations.

Mastering Customer Signals in the Experience Economy—Personalized Marketing (21:49)

As CX professionals look towards recovery and reinvention, they rely on customer signals to guide them. Learn how to interpret those signals so you can meet expectations and position your company for growth.

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President, Oracle CX and Data Cloud

Matching the Pace of Customer Change (21:39)

Learn how Oracle’s latest marketing innovations help marketers orchestrate hyperpersonalized experiences that inspire lifetime customer loyalty.

Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President, Oracle CX Marketing
Holly Simmons, Vice President, Oracle CX Marketing and CX Unity

Visualize Your Path to B2B Marketing Excellence (43:14)

Understand the stages of B2B marketing maturity and the capabilities needed to move forward at each step.

Rossa Shanks, CMO, Dow Jones
Lisa Joy Rosner, Senior Vice President of Brand and Content Marketing, Oracle
Andrea Tucker, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle

Visualize Your Path to B2C Marketing Excellence (39:07)

Discover the stages of B2C marketing maturity and the capabilities needed to move forward at each step.

Tyri Squyres, Vice President of Marketing, FRONTIER Airlines
Bryan Finfrock, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle
Angela Wells, Senior Director, CX Customer Advocacy, Oracle

Guide: Personalize your B2B marketing

B2B customers crave marketing that understands them. Personalized B2B marketing satisfies that need.

Ebook: Turn data into customer loyalty with B2C marketing

Get to know your customers better than they know themselves so you can create connections that count.

Webcast: Elevating customer experiences with Vitamix

Hear how Vitamix leverages Oracle CrowdTwist to power a loyalty program that engages top customers.