Addressing Diversity and Inclusion: Going Beyond the Benchmark

February 23, 2021 | Original broadcast

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Embracing diversity and inclusion isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s also good for business. Learn how to improve performance with programs that go beyond tracking demographics and instead spark meaningful changes in employee hiring, retention, and development.

Opening Remarks (2:37)

Today, D&I initiatives are a top corporate priority for driving growth and improving performance. Learn the critical requirements for creating D&I programs that inspire real change.

Diversity and Inclusion for 2021 and Beyond: An Expert Panel (54:06)

What does a successful D&I program look like in practice? Schneider Electric, Fujitsu, and Oracle share their top D&I initiatives for 2021 and explain the biggest challenges facing their workforces.

Embedding Diversity and Inclusion into Your Everyday Business (5:05)

There is no single benchmark or simple solution for addressing D&I. Get insight into how you can make the systemic changes that embed D&I in everyday business practices and processes.

Go beyond the benchmark

Oracle diversity & inclusion solutions help you go beyond tracking demographics to spark change and drive impact.