Oracle Cloud Platform Virtual Summit

Move and Improve Oracle Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

September 16, 2020

Move and Improve Oracle Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Full Webinar(1:03:14)

Learn how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers expedite their move to the cloud for key Oracle applications like E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel and Hyperion.

Transform Your Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (11:17)

Oracle Executive, Ashish Mohindroo, shows how customers across industries are leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as the engine that supports their digital transformation.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Customers Capture Key Cloud Benefits (25:55)

See how customers like IAC, Arcor, and Intermountain Healthcare are achieving higher performance and greater flexibility while reducing cost by migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

IAC Describes Significant Performance Improvements with OCI (04:15)

IAC shares how Oracle Cloud supports their aggressive mergers and acquisitions strategy while significantly boosting performance of their Oracle workloads.

Arcor Describes Scalability and Performance Improvements with OCI (08:05)

Arcor shares how Oracle Cloud enables them to scale and operate globally, while improving performance of their Oracle workloads.

Intermountain Shares How OCI Assists During the Covid-19 Pandemic (07:19)

Intermountain Healthcare shares their journey to transition workloads to Oracle Cloud and how Oracle Cloud enables them to quickly respond during a global health pandemic.

Accelerating Business Value With Cloud Innovation (11:12)

Oracle Partner, Astute, describes solutions to expedite lift and shift for Oracle and custom applications. Arvind Rajan highlights customer migration journeys that deliver significant performance increases and reduce infrastructure costs.

Learn How Oracle Migrated Its Industry Applications to OCI (10:17)

Mike Prindle, VP, GBU Cloud Architecture, addresses how Oracle transitioned its industry specific applications portfolio to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, highlighting key strategies for balancing speed and innovation to achieve business benefits.

Move and Improve Oracle Apps to Oracle Cloud - Closing Remarks (2:40)

Ashish Mohindroo, VP, PaaS Product Marketing, summarizes the summit and offers some practical next steps.

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